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Friday, February 27

Le Wedding Crasher

This is my entry for Hele and Holly's BBR contest! They're total hotties so go check out their blogs ;) I'd love to win the nars blush & bronzer but honestly I've been lemming the redhead msf >_< !

I initially wanted to pick Katy Perry's look because of her huge babydoll eyes but when I looked at her makeup...that lipstick would look WACK on me =/ And Scarlet Johansson always looks smokin hot but I didn't want a gold look for me ^_^ I picked Isla Fisher!

I think red hair is the most understated natural hair color. I think it's gooorrrrgeous. I looove a deep red. OMG drool. Even if it's a fake cherry red. I loves it. I like fake bleach blonde hair too haha. But anyway -I thought she had a purple/bronze look. Maybe she didn't. Eoops! I guess my blind eyes were tricked by her purple shirt haha...but that's what I ended up doing anyway I really liked her overall look too. The mauve/pink lips and pink blush.

And JUSTINCASEYOUWEREWONDERING how I got this...there's a pictorial!

Le Ingredients

start with concealer and I filled in my brows

I primed my eyelid with mac stillife

I used a purple loose pigment from black radiance

then on the outter and inner corners I put nyx pearlmania in walnut

blend into the purple shadow

I lined the top with a shimmery brown liner from loreal
I ALWAYS use black liner but she didn't have such a dark liner

I lined the bottom with urban decay's 24/7 liner stash

then I put nyx walnut with a wet brush on ud stash

I used clinique daybreak e/s as a highlight and blended the line away
I also added a very SHEER layer of mac's rushmetal pigment to give it a bit more sparkle
use a fluffy brush and pigment off the cap for the lightest amount

curl lashes

falsies -I think they're 110 ardell? Well it had that number on it =/
use clear mascara to blend in real ones to faux

Blush (clinique iced lotus) + highlight (wetnwild highlighter)

covergirl trushine #455 + loreal gloss in honey halo

ze end

After I did this look I was going through my stuff and I noticed I could've just used a really cheap alternative for ALL the shadows. WetnWild's Paradise Cove Pallet!

lol. story of my life.

-le midget

Tuesday, July 15

Ooo Baby!

Angelina Jolie gave birth to her baby boy and girl Saturday July 12th in Nice, France. Nice huh? Hah. She has a total of 6 kids already. Like damn! Brad helped out the doc by cutting their umbilical cord. Eww, but kudos if you can take that. Welcome to this terrifying world Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline! Their names sound so..normal. I find that weird. I got used to names like Apple, Pirate, and Audio Science. Yeah some doosh actually named her kid Audio science because she wanted to study it before. Selfish much? Pictures of the twins haven't been out yet but rumor has it that someone already bought them for $11 million. Wow! The proceeds will go to charity of course. They're too sweet.

-le midget