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Tuesday, March 29

Death On The Rocks

I'm at work right now. I shouldn't be on here at all lol but here I am hehe. Just thought I'd share some thoughts.

Within this last year, a lot has changed around me. Blogging and Youtube is not my job. Repeat, it is not my job. I do it for fun. I do it when I have free time, I do it because I liiiiike it. It's fun! But it can be very very time consuming at the same time. Time that I can't seem to find at all right now :( and when I do it's not like I can blog anyway because of my broken ass laptop. I threw it away I don't even wanna bother fixing it. Stupid piece of shit. I keep having to fix my car too...and you know them things called bills? Life. I have no idea how I'm living without a laptop honestly. And I do miss you all. I get messages all the time and it makes me really happy but sad at the same time because I literally can't DO anything about it at the moment. I will get back to it though. Fo shizzle. I just have to work all the friggn time and I'm always on the move. Speaking of moving, I'm moving into my new apt in less than 2 weeks :D !!! anyway~ I WILL get back into it because I love doing it as a hobby. I haven't even bought makeup in like a sad is that? All I use is maybelline and milani or wetnwild crap too. I'm a druggy now D: lol
It ain't that bad though. Could be worse. It could dollar store makeup.
Oh yeah, and about death on the rocks? I don't want to blog here anymore. I don't want the whole "le midge/ midget" thing. Why? The names from high school. I've grown from that. I just can't have people call me that anymore.

My beloved ex used to call me midget that's why. OK?! ok. And I say beloved with a sense of respect. Don't get it twisted.
I didn't say I'd stop blogging though! I'll start a new blog. A new and improved one. I already have actually, I just haven't posted anything in it. I refuse to until I can get my camera pics uploaded. I have soooo many pictures that need to be looked at. I love taking pics and I haven't been able to. I didn't even take ONE picture on my birthday, can you believe that?!?!?!?! So yeah, I feel like a blog post without pictures This blog and midgetmakeup is just...ughh I don't want to use the name anymore. Well the blog doesn't bother me it's more midgetmakeup but I want my blog and youtube name to be the same now. It really is the name. It's a personal choice. I know a lot of you won't understand and you really don't have to. I also don't care if you understand or not because I'm going to do it regardless. Thanks. It was nice blogging here and uploading videos on midgetmakeup but err...time to grow up a lil for me :) So peace out and I will chat with you all later in the new one. I will let yall know what it is soon.
How are you guys doing? Tata :D

4 luvs:

DSK Steph said...

Missed you!

mohate said...

oh mama i missed your vids and blog post even tweets!:/ but life does tend to catch up with us at times and networking is soo time consuming i have been trying to start a blog since last month and i cant find the time to finish it up!.. I can only imagine what you bloggers and youtubers go through. Do keep us updated if and when your switch blogs girlie ive been a subbie since.. since you won petriludes contest a LONG time ago lol


Anonymous said...

oh wow!!! that sounds awesome about the whole new name thing...please do keep us update =) It was because of you that I started experimenting with my makeup again and I did buy some stuff from lumiere cosmetics and
You're a true inspiration and hope things start working in your favour this year..cant wait to see you back on youtube and blogging..take care xoxo

Opal Stevens said...

I'm having a Tuesday Beauty Blog Hop to connect the beauty blogger community! Hope you can check it out :)