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Monday, June 28

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Heeeey. Umm want this?

psst! btw look how much better my skin is doing as compared to the last post.
No more weird dry flaky shit all over my muffa. Yay :D and I don't have any foundation OR powder on.
I have on concealer to cover blemishes but that's it besides blush!
My chins just naturally darker than the rest of my face because I have "uneven skintone". bleeeh.
Thank you guys for your many skin solutions!!

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Thanks to DeFabulous for sponsoring this giveaway =] !!
Like seriously...thank you.

-le midge

Wednesday, June 16

Bad Bad Skin

I recorded 2 summer related tutorials right. Right. I just had to edit em and watermark my pics. Then as I was going through my pictures AND video I was very grossed out.

By my skin eww!!!

It's been going crazy since the heat set in. Ahh! I have very oily skin acne prone skin. I don't think I've ever been without acne related issues for over 7 years now. Either I have a pimple present or I have scars from before. I have olive toned skin and my hyper-pigmentation is bad, my scars last for like 6 months. Before either can go away completely something new happens. In videos I get a lot of compliments on my skin and how "flawless" it looks. And I keep telling you guys it's the camera and lighting. The thing is, I DON'T WANT to show you when I have bad skin, who would? We try to cover up blemishes and unsightly deformations on it from the people we see everyday so why the hell would I want to flaunt a close up of my bad skin on the world wide web? Nothanks.

I have very oily skin but now it's getting flaky! I didn't add anything new to my routine but looks like I need to have some changes. I haven't been taking any medications or changed my diet. I should though...but taco bell has delicious chaluuupas that I can't resist! I don't know how to deal with such flakiness. In the winter time I have combination skin because parts will be normal and some parts oily and the ocaaassional random lil dry spot but nothing compared to this! My nose, forehead, and cheeks are soo flaky! I exfoliated and it made it worse =[

BTW a lot of you ask me what foundation (liquid) I use everyday.


It is too heavy for me and I always get a zit or something from it. I guess my skin might be a little sensitive to it. I put on concealer on my spots and under my eyes and a light dust of powder on my face. By light I mean I don't buff in anything, I use a large fluffy brush.

So yeah...ew...
I should not be smiling.

I made this post to ask you guys for suggestions. Please don't recommend ann sort of makeup. If what's underneath isn't doing so hot, what goes on top isn't going to really make a difference to me. I want to look for skin care items. I trust yall will suggest only good things and all the type of items at the stores are confusing me haha. There are soo many! I'm open to drugstore or department store or even international sites. I've never had dry or such sensitive skin so I don't know what exactly to go for. If you can try to go for items that are not too greasy and oil free. What about a vitamin that's perhaps good for the skin. Ye? Know of any that helped you out?

Thanks =]

-le midge