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Thursday, May 27

Nikki Time

Schools out and fun is in! My beautiful friend Nikki came to town so we went out. We had SO much fun that night! She's even shorter than me and we had "lil people"jokes spittin all night long it was hilarious! Her sister said it was Midgets Rule Day haha.

gettn ready before nikki n pau come

she never curls her hair and I rarely straighten mine goin out

my beauties <3

she loves me =] !

I wore my condom pants
I fell down twice that night.
Once down going upstrairs and once on an uneven sidewalk. lol

we found this in the car and were so amused by it *beep beep!*

she has LOVELY translucent skin
Isn't wearing any foundation or nottn


Make Up Breakdown

I've really been into into neutrals lately. Haven't touched any color in MONTHS.
I used a sigma pallet and glominerals pallet
And LOTS of eyeliner to make it bold all around
clinique-true black gel liner
maybelline-lash stilletto waterproof

foundation-revlon photoready (looks REALLY good in person)

blush-cargo miami beach
bronzer-cargo bronzer & victorias secret sunny cheeks mosaic

nyx-fig l/s
mac-angel l/s
nyx-beige l/g

-le midge