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Friday, March 26

Makeup Toot: Fresh Spring Eyes

A tutoooorial yay! A fresh bright eyed look. I think it looks lovely with blue eyes so I wore my pretty lenses :) Mineral Magic Cosmetics was used to achieve this and I just's def one of the smoothest mineral makeups I've ever used. It's pigmented and had very little fall out. It glides on smooth and isn't flakey and dusty. Matte eyeshadows in general get chalky especially if it's WHITE but dang yo. I'm impressed. Verrry nice.

This look is very simple to do and can be worn nice during the day or even night if you're not a fan of dark heavy makeup on the eyes. It has just enough color to keep it lookin so fresh and so clean cleeeean. I hope you liked this look!

Le Ingredients

mac - soft ochre paintpot
mineral magic - the off white & navy from Mad Madame Jess Bayou Collection
mineral magic - opal e/s
clinique-true black gel liner
loreal-extra volume collagen mascara

petroleum jellaaay + some weird old lipstick I had that was a sheer pink color

lancome - effacernes concealer (eyes)
mac - studio finish concealer (scars)
smashbox - anti shine (fo head n cheeks)
mac - msf natural
vitorias secret - sunny cheeks mosaic bronzer
mac-gingerly blush

Watch it in action

-le midge

Saturday, March 20

Review: My Spring It

I was lucky enough to try out My Spring this is my review! I've been playing around with this for a few good months so I think I know how it works by now.

What is it?
Facial Hair Removal System

What is it reeeeeally?
A giant Qtip made of a spring and plastic ends.

Does it work? YUP!
Will I want to use it in the long run? No...why?

At first I thought it was nifty! does anyone even use that word anymore? I actually got it right after I saw Pursebuzz on youtube do a review on it. If you find that video you'll notice that this was a long time ago...yeah I've had this for that long. My main reason I wouldn't get it even if it does work is because it's a lil too slow for me when it pulls the hairs out. I think it works fantastic on the area above the brows and on cheeks or jawline. The only thing is, I don't really even have hair there to worry about. Like 2 or 3 visible and I'd rather just pluck it off. I find this pretty painful on the upperlip and chin area. I can take pain yo but I donno. With waxing you just rip the whole thing off at one time, with this you have to sloooowly work your way around it and you can FEEL the hair ripping out. No thank you :)

Disclaimer: I was sent this item for promotional consideration. I also have one that I bought. These are my honest opinions and I am not affiliated with this company.

Cost: $15.99 usd

Overall Grade for this product: C

Video Review

Have you tried this? What did you think of it? Do you want to try it?

If you're interested BUY HERE the video. The end has some of my guy friends testing it out lol.

-le midge

Tuesday, March 9

February Favorites

Here's a video on some products I be lovn at the moment.

Some I'm iffy about.

And..the fact that I decided to cut my lashes for an experiment. HA!

Have you tried any of em?

-le midge