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Friday, February 19

Review: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation on Oily Skin

So...after hearing all the reviews on this I haaad to go try it out and see for myself what all the buzz was about. Seemed like people either loved it or they didn't really like it and mixed with with their ColorStay foundation to love it. Let me just say that I don't own Revlon's ColorStay foundation and I don't ever plan on getting it because once I heard it was thicker than MAC's Studio Fix Fluid I was like...heeelllll nawww.

I grade things...I don't get numbers mkay.

Cost: A
I don't think paying $9-$14 for a damn good drugstore foundation is bad at all.

Color Variety: C overall *but* A for me
There aren't many shades at all, I only saw like 8 maybe but luckily it had my exact shade!
I got 006 Medium Beige.

Application: B
Not thick, not chunky and it's smooth and just fluid enough and very blendable. It's dewy without looking greasy, I have oily skin so anything slightly dewy turns out to be a disaster.

Overall: A!

I prefer this over my MUFE HD foundation. YEAH! There are tiny shimmers in it (sooo tiny) but you can't even see them from the outside of the bottle. I don't like that it has spf because that will give a white cast in pictures but it's actually not that strong as you will see in my pics. It only sparkles a tiny bit when I'm out in the blazing sun but beauuutiful with indoor or normal lighting. Photographs and records well for pictures and videos. Yay! It's the best liquid foundation I've ever tried. Ze end.

Video Review (look how nice it looks in normal lighting)

Have you tried this yet? Do you want to?

If you've tried it out what did you like or hate about it?

Pst. I'm NC 30-37 in MAC in case you're wondering.

-le midge