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Friday, December 4

Le International Swap

Yay I got my goodies I swapped with the whoisleonalewisagain? georrrrgeous Pinkcandy17 On YouTube! I wanted to try some of the Sleek pallets and Barry M. I was also craving me some Crunchie bars so I asked her to send me some *nomnomnom*

Feels like Christmas!

I love the packaging...sleek and smooth..and black. My favorite color.




Now for the Barry MMMMMMMs!

#98 turned out looking so ugly but it was one of my faaavorites in person!! Check out the video to see how much prettier they are. All the glitter got stuck on my finger :[ !
It was like a black with purple and pink. So GORGEOUS!

I also got a Barry M lipstick!
It looked like the picture below online but DAMN in person it is HOT PINK. It doesn't show the true color in the video either for some reason. It looked like a bright blue based pink here but it's not. It's like bright highlighter hot NEON pink.
There's a Jessi's Girl nail polish this color I think, it's that superduper bright.
It kinda hurts my eyes haha.


Now the BEST PART of the international swap/haul are...


They are one of my faaaavorite chocolate candy bars!
I love me a good toothache. Ok no but I love me a damn good chocolate bar.

I hate most American chocolates...they suck.
WTF is Hersheys? They're little pieces of chocolate colored poop.
They try to warn you with it's shape but no one listens...

I think the only tasty American chocolate is Dove.
If it it? I think it is.
The rest tastes like crap.

And she sent me a pressie :] Aww THANK YOU!!!

Here are some sites with these products but I don't know if they ship to the US
You can check em out to see their nice products though!
I wish we had them here in the US =[ !



Watch the video to see a better view of the eye shadows =]
Specially that #98 yo. I LOVE IT.
The life of me couldn't take good pictures of those dazzle dusts!

From my understanding the FTC does not require you to put any disclaimers if you have purchased the items yourself =] yeah.

-le midge

Tuesday, December 1

Le review: Split-Ender Maxi Kit (no more split ends?!)

Got split ends? Ugh who doesn't. I get them loads because I loooove me a super layered look and I like the ends to be razored off too at places. Doing that (razoring ends) is pretty bad for your hair....cuz it gives you split ends quicker =/ eek!

How I took care of split ends before:

I kinda hate going to the hair stylist for TRIMS because they just cut too much off. A trim = 1.5 inches to most of them and when you're trying to grow out your hair getting that much taken off a 3 months of work people!! Hair grows about .5 inches a month. So as many of you know I cut my hair myself for a long time. Cutting layers all around my head is not an issue for me because they can be crooked and still look ok. Getting the ends trimmed was an issue, specially at the very ends because I didn't want it to look jacked up and uneven. It would take me like an hour plus a lil more and I had to do it pretty slowly. Boo.


I take little thin pieces of hair of like .5 to 1 inch sections and run it through the Splitender and walaaa in 30ish minutes I'm done giving my whole head a trim. Woot! I have thin hair yall so if you have thick bushy crazy woman hair, or just normal thick hair haha it might take you a little bit longer. If you have short hair I think it will take you the same amount of time as me or less =]

I take strips of hair this big. It looks thick but it's very thin on the side.
Make sure to run each piece the same number of times all throughout your head.
Remember a tiny bit IS cut off at the ends.
I usually run it 2-3 times each piece.

This is all the hair trimmed from my whole head! lol
So little hair I have haha.
Sometimes I have more but never less than this.

This thing has some major PROS and CONS. Darn!

  • Does get rid of split ends (not every single one but neither does the hair dresser unless you get a good inch cut off)
  • Easy to use, like a hair straightener
  • Easy to use IF you read the instructions!! (Just watch a how to video if you're visual like me ^_^)
  • Takes only 1/4 - 1/8 of an inch off
  • You can do it at home
  • Takes little time, waaay less than at the salon. No waiting. No nothing. Woot!
  • Comes with a comb/pick, cleaning brush, alligator clip, and Silk Therapy ( I LOVE!!!!!! THIS!)
  • Choices. Currently there is a pink, blue, orange, and green one. I have pink : ] (If I knew earlier I would've picked green though...haha)
  • Does NOT thin out hair. Only trims ends like they claim.
  • The inventor was a hot musician with long hair. that really doesn't matter.

  • Hair HAS to be straight when you use this *curly cues please straighten if you want to use this!!*
  • Battery operated
  • Doesn't come with batteries
  • Cost. It is not worth $60 to me. To me.
  • Cheaply built...that's why it's not worth $60 mkay.
  • Blade needs a replacement every year

The replacement blade is $12, which isn't a bad price but I think it should come with batteries and a replacement blade.

If you're interested CLICK HERE to check out their website.

~Video Review~

Have you tried this or anything like it? I think there are some dupes of this but this is the copyrighted original. As much as the noise scared me I really like it for my hair! I was fortunate enough to be sent this Split-Ender. I did not have to make a review for it and this is not a paid presentation. I took the time to write this review because some people asked me about it from seeing it in my last hair care video and the simple fact that I just wanted to.

It really does make it feel smooth after too because the rough split ends are gone. It feels like a "clean" hair do after too, you know that flowy feeling right after you get a hair cut? That.

-le midge I didn't forget the "T"