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Tuesday, September 29

Le Lumiere Cosmetics

Do you like mineral makeup? I for one LOVE them! It helped me get rid of acne and when I discovered how much cheaper mineral makeup eye pigments are compared to MAC's my wallet loved it too. There are many many companies out there now (which is a good thing for me!) and here is one of the best I've tried so far.

I've been using these for 3-4 months now so I KNOW how well they work on me. I used it on my mom, friends, and even clients. I am not gonna put crap on my client's faces mkay?! This is good stuff. No allergic reactions on anyone I used it on. Remember always do a patch test just incase! The colors are bright and beautiful. They also have tamer colors cuz let's face it, not everyone is going to grab bright blue for everyday wear. I tried to capture their sparkle but kinda failed. Here's the jist of it and swatches of some of their colors.

Quality: smooth fine pigments, shimmery ones aren't chunky
Variety: loads of colors to choose from
Price: $8 for a full size (for eye pigments)
Available: online and comes right to your doorstep!
Psst this site has Emu Oil. If you weren't aware, it helps immensly with stretch marks and scars! It's hard to find too ;)

Colors aren't what they look like online
Only available online so you can't see it in person

French Vanilla, Honey Brown, Hypnotic

Root Beer Pop, Lime Sharbet, Peppermint Patti

Whipped Cream, Lavender Pearl, Taupe

Beautiful, Raspberry Sherbet, Divine

Bellflower Blue, Peacock, Divine, Grape Crush

Pineapple Sherbet, Foliage

Pick some color combinations and I will do a couple tutorials on em :D !

Some other mini reviews...

Invisiveil in Sand 2

It's a translucent powder and works like Bare Mineral's Mineral Veil.
I wear this evvvvery single day and it gives the perfect finish with or without foundation.
I love it! A+ !

Unblended and packed on


They're not sticky at all and I do like the colors a lot. They're pretty moisturizing too.
The 2 darker ones looked very nice on my lips. I already used them up ^_^

look how cute and tiny they are!

Salmon Concealer
It does work with just one layer but I think I like liquid concealer better. I know some people are nutty about salmon colored concealer and they're kinda expensie too. If you've been wanting to try some this site has them at a great price at this site though

For my next giveaway on YouTube I'll be giving away these 3 colors! I love this line so I thought it's only fitting that some of my subbies get to try some. I picked some purple shades since it's a HOT color for fall.

Grape Crush, Divine, Beautifiul

-le midget

Wednesday, September 23

Le Mario Fromage

I have a birthday party to get fucked up at Friday and a photo shoot and wedding on Saturday AND and I kinda wish I had kept up with eating healthier. poo. I'm so bad at this ugh!! I have no fuckn motivation I tell you. That's the hardest part for me, I guess I don't want it that badly inside. I think to myself "someone much bigger than me would love to have my body". I'm so full of bullshit excuses when it comes to living a healthier life. I don't even want to eat better to get skinny or anything. Eating better helps my skin. I know people say eating bad foods has nothing to do with your skin it's all in your genes and your skincare...umm okay. O yeah I never understood that phrase "you are what you eat" either because I'd love to be a piece of chocolate. Everyone loooves chocolate. Everything I eat has everything to do with my skin. I always notice a big difference in my complexion when I eat more fruits. I noticed I always break out and get oilier when I eat cheese too. My favorite *sniff* Eating better is hard for me because I have so much goddamn makeup *shakingfist* I can easily cover blemishes and scars with a good concealer and dust some matte translucent powder to take care of the grease. Then eat my cake too.

Not that I have to make my own food at the apt I fell back into my burger, pizza, chips and dip habit. I eat pieces of toblerones for breakfast, 2 nasty flat walmart burgers that you can heat up in the microwave for lunch, and a couple slices of howevermanydayold pizza for dinner. Eww. Now that I don't have healthy food. I have lettuce, zucchini, mushrooms, tofu, noodles and other much better for you things in the fridge. It just takes longer to prepare them. I KNEW the wedding was coming and I had to eat all that cheese!!

so jealous of this lil bastard

I have a nice ass cystic pimple near my jawline and a few more outbreaks here and there. Even one on my shoulder wtf. They arrived this weekend it's still there and surprisingly has not turned into Mt. Fuji yet. I think it's cuz of Mario Badescu! I ordered their Drying Cream and now was the perfect time to test it. So far -wow I am so impressed. I hope it can hold out at least *crossing fingers* til this weekend. Right now I'm very hopeful though. The pimple is still there BUT the fact that it's flat and not raised after 3 days and a little poking is A+! After a few more uses I'll do a thorough review of it to see if it really is worth the $18 + shipping for that tiny amount of product. I'm excited to find out if this is another reason not to eat healthy haha because then I'll be able to eat cheese again without that guilty feeling. That guilty feeling just makes me eat more cheese so it needs to go away *shoo shoo*.

The samples are almost as big as the main thing I got!

I wanted to get the Drying Mask too but I thought I'd try it out first.
They give 3 samples with every order, use it to your advantage!

Have any of you tried this? Do you want to? If you have how did it go?

-le midget

Monday, September 21

Le Cardigans

I need to give some loooove to my blog. I miss you much.
Or I'm just bored to DEATH in class right now haha.

Today's the last day of summer :( nooo. It's the perfect weather outside right now, finally! I hate that this period lasts only for a week or two where I am. I hope it stays foreverrr. Flowers are still alive, it's not hot and humid outside, it's comfortable enough to wear summer dresses or jeans with a light jacket. It's purrrfect. I think it's time to go on a hike to the mountains!

I can deal with fall but I am soo not a winter person. Brr! I hibernate. Here's some fashion inspo to keep ze mind off from what's coming. The only thing I'm lemming are boots this fall/winter. O and a brown leathery jacket. I have enough black ones. And a boyfriend jacket. O wait, gloves too. Ok so that's a short list but they're things that could definitely rack up the bill if I'm not careful. I pretty much *should* have everything else.

I hope so.

Cardigans and Leggings

Leather Jackets

Boyfriend Jacket

Brown Boots...ugh look at that sweater..

White pants
I got some on sale for ONLY $10 during a summer clearance *woot!*

Leather Pants/ Comdom Leggings
I'm glad they're still around, I barely wore mine last year.


Cardigans with a Belt

Velour Tracksuits!!!
I HATE wearing jeans when it's cold.

What are you craving?

-le midget