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Monday, August 31

Le Bed Head Giveaway!!!

Hi. O Yessss!! Free Bed Head products for 20 of my lovely readers :D !

The best part? No need for a contest entry or anything and since it's hair products a "manlyman" can join too! Get your guy friends to join in to increase your chances of winning hehe. is sponsoring this wonderful giveaway. Once their facebook page has 500 fans they will pick 20 people to send prizes to. Yay!

All you have to do is:

1. Become a FAN of It's A Beauty!

2. Register on their site so they know who and where to ship prizes to.


Simple enough? Mkay. Hope you win!

Thanks It's A Beauty!!

-le midget

Sunday, August 30

Le Zoya

For someone who doesn't wear polishes...I bought way too many this year! The only good thing is I actually did wear some of them. Some. My recent lemming was ZOYA polishes and I got 9 of them from I love the colors I got! They had a deal a few weeks ago where you could get 3 polishes for FREE, just pay for shipping and handling. Shipping was somewhere between $6-7 and it wasn't bad at all considering each polish it self is around 6 bucks. Sorry if you missed out of the great deal, I mentioned it on twitter and my youtube though ;)

ZOYA Nail Polishes

-have GREAT deals sometimes
-long lasting, so far 4 days of no chips! I am a heavy nail biter, I'm always typing, and I'm always rubbing/touching/poking my nails
-online color is pretty true to what you get
-large selection

-too expensive for a damn polish!

Glimmer. Sheer light peach with fine silver shimmer. Meant to spice up a french mani.

Shimmer. Sheer light pink with fine silver shimmer. Also for a french mani.

Erika. Pale pink with light golden shimmer.

Barbie. Barbie pink with pink shimmer.

Sweet. Creamy bubble gum pink with a slight blue undertone.

Malia. Cream muted lavender with a gray undertone.
It's very opaque on the first coat! I used 2 coats.

Vegas Freeze. Sheer sparkly purple with purple blue flecks.
I think I saw pink too but I'm not sure, I didn't swatch it.

Kalista. Dark frosty chocolate brown with copper shimmer.
Looks great for fall!

Posh. Matte dark red.
If you weren't aware, matte is so in this fall.

Did you get anything from this deal?
What's your experience with Zoya?
So far mine's greeeat! No chippn or nottn. Love it!

-le midget

Monday, August 24

Le Hair Care

I like the way you do that right thurr Switch ya hips when you walkn let down ya hurr


What do you use on your hair? How did you make it long? What color is it?

Stuff. Wait. Loreal Ash Brown.

Here's the "stuff" I use to take care of my hair. Since I do dye it quite often I decided to take better care of my hair because I didn't want to end up bald. Yes coloring, bleaching, getting a perm and all that is very bad for your hair but I think if you are willing to take the time to really take care of it -go for it! Just don't over do it ya know? I want my hair to look okay without products after I get out of the shower and it kinda does! Lookin like a homeless after letting hair air dry is no more an option.

Shampoo: Pantene Prov Full & Thick
It's aiiiight. I did notice it feeling a big fuller after my first use. Now after my 20th or so not so much but it does work a little bit. Not magical but my hair feels very clean after I use this shampoo. I didn't notice a smell...but my nose is dead so ..*shrug*

Conditioner: Pantene Prov Full & Thick
It's aiiight too. Does the job but I wouldn't recommend this if you want something that conditions very well. It's light so it doesn't weight down hair and makes it appear fuller. Don't skip conditioner! It also helps keep tangles on the low. I give my hair a brush before going in the shower to take most tangles out too.

You really want to get healthier hair? DO NOT wash your hair every day. It will make it dry and brittle. The only times I feel like washing my hair the following day (after a wash) is when I've used styling products in my hair. If I use mousse or hairspray or anything like that, it makes my roots oily. I'm pretty acne prone so I can break out on my damn head too! WTF I KNOW. It only happens is if I've used a lot of product near my roots and I keep poking it with my finger. I donno why but I'm always touching my hair near my scalp. It's not itchy or anything I'm just intrigued by the odd shape of my head and the crunchy sound of product lol.

Hair doesn't really have a natural shine to it? You gotta DEEP condition baby! Regular conditioners just don't cut it all the time. They only restore a natural amount of moisture back in the hair. For lush shiny hair DO deep condition! I love Garnier Fructise's hair masks that come in a little round pot. There are lots like it but this one isn't only great for your hair but it's the cheapest and smells yummy too!

Be gentle. Just because you might like it rough don't mean your hair do. Comb/brush starting at the ends and work your way up. Use a wide toothed comb when hair is wet or damp. It causes the least amount of breakage. I noticed that back in Bdesh most people use combs instead of brushes too, even if they have super thick hair. Maybe that's why it's so lush? When I use a brush, it gets covered with hair in a week :(

Use a leave in conditioner while hair is still damp. I just use it on the ends because all over will flatten my hair too much or make it oily faster. I love Bed Head's Ego Boost because it's a 3 in one for me. It's a leave in conditioner + split end mender + silky..fier? haha. I can't think of the word right now. I've used a couple before and I wasn't too fond of them because it either felt like something was in my hair weighing it down or it just didn't do anything. I hate Aussie's leave in conditioner + mousse. It makes it look like you haven't washed your hair in a week and it just feels gross. I didn't like Thermasilk's either because it made it appear more dry. You can find Bed Head products in most drugstores, ulta, or online. Itsabeauty seems to have a pretty wide selection! I can't always find everything I want at the store so thank goodness for online shopping *woot!*

I started to use Citre Shine's concentrated leave in treatment recently and I don't know how I feel about it yet. It's very very light, doesn't feel concentrated at all. It does seem to be working somewhat. I donno...not too many opinions on it yet. Only had it 3 weeks but didn't use it often. I was worried it would be one of those oily sprays to give shine but it's not so that's a plus.

Want to GROW hair faster? The healthier it is, the faster it grows. Coconut oil it baby! Give yourself a scalp massage and soak your hair in this oil for a few hours then wash it off. Yes, hours. That may sound like a long time to some of you but mom used to make me keep it on overnight when I was little! Eww!!!! Using a tablespoon or so is good enough for the entire head if you have thin-medium hair. Apply little by little and comb through it so it distributes evenly. This is cheaper and works better than VO5 hot oil treatments. You can get a whoooole lotta use out of an entire bottle of coconut oil compared to the 3 lil packets mkay. I remember being tortured by the thought of putting oil in my hair when I was younger. Man that shit GROSSED me out!! But when I went to Bdesh last time and I asked the ladies (and grannies with long lush black hair "what do you use?" they all either said Parachute Coconut oil or Amla Hair Oil. I haven't tried amla but the coconut oil has multiple uses and sounded better to me. You can use it on your cuticles and dry feet,and it's edible but do not use it on your face because it will clog your pores.

Other habits of mine...

I don't tie your hair up when it's wet or mostly damp. I noticed that it causes a good amount of damage. I would sometimes tie it up at night but in the morning that area around the hair tie would remain wet and a couple strands would fall out.

Air dry when you can! I let it be most days of the week. Learn to love your natural hair =] Stop bitching about it. You don't do what it wants you to do either!

I pat my hair dry with a towel instead of trying to create a bonfire on it.

My last tip for healthy hair is...danana...leave it alone. Skip the heating tools. Most of them heat up enough to burn a chicken dinner to a crisp. Ceramic...tourmaline...whatever, it's bullshit. If you use it too much or the heat is too high you ARE frying your hair! If you're addicted, try to use it twice a week, then slowly once a week. That way you'll end up using it only like 4 times a month. I just use them on days I'm going out and want that extra oomph.

Learn to love your hair, work with it, not against it.

I haven't blogged in a while! I hope that was useful to some folks.
What's your must have hair product?

-le midget

Wednesday, August 5

Le Madame Pie's Swarovski

Madame Pie's Swarovski Necklaces +

There are 3 different clasps the beautiful crystal hangs from

My friend handmade these and I am SO loving them!!!
I love the ones on the pink chains more just's pink haha.

Click "Category" to see more

I love these gold/hot pink earrings. I want!
And yes, I have to buy it if I want it.



-le midget