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Sunday, July 26

Le Graduation Greens

H'okay soh. I wanted to step awaaay from smoke and step into the light. So I did a "day time" look for yall. I actually wore it at night lol but that's okay. You could turn this into a dark evening look easily just by adding black at the crease bascially. I made the lower lid sort of dark and smudged therefore it is a suitable "night time" for me. Bleh!

BTW I said in the video I had to speak, I didn't have to after all. Thank god! And...I got to eat yummy cake. There's been so many grad parties lately, I'm about to head off to one in 2 hours again.

Le Ingredients

mac-chartreuse paint
mac-golden olive pgmt *oneofmyfaaaorites*
lumiere cosmetics-french vanilla e/s
black radiance-golden sun e/s
clinique-daybreak e/s
bf-beauty pallet (#8)
urban decay-stash e/l
clinique-black gel e/l
lord n berry-nero e/l
loreal-voluminious mascara
maybelline-vibrating mascara

mufe hd foundation
lumiere cosmetics setting powder
cargo-rome blush
jane-sahara bronzer
wetnwild highlighter

covergirl trueshine-plum shine l/s
loreal color juice-grape soda l/g

I don't like how the pictures came out. They look cold for some reason, the colors are kinda off and not as green or as warm as it was in person. And wtf is that line next to my brow? Some pics had it some didn't but these were the better ones of the makeup when it didn't look like I'm cross eyed.

I put the lord and berry "velvet" liner on top of the clinique gel on the corners and the bottom. I love how dark and soft it is. That's how I get a very dark smooth smudged look.
It disappears on me after a lil bit but w/e it looks good on pictures haha

See? It's disappearing as I'm taking pics! lol
My eyes are very watery and notice the lack of bottom eyelashes.
Barely visible...yeah :(
There's nothing for liner to really hold on to so nothing lasts on me.

Video Tutorial!

-le midget

Saturday, July 18

Le Mask

This is for the final round of Nikkie's YouTube's Next Top Guru Contest.


Although I'll miss the anxiety attacks of whether I made it to the next round or not. It was so much fun participating. I don't want it to end, I want to a challenge every month! It forces you to go up and beyond what you're used to. I'm not used to anything and I never know how any of my looks will end up. I plan very poorly, I don't plan. I'm a procrastinator!!! We just do with what time we have left and go at it hoping it will turn out okay haha.

She said to just do what you're good at. I like eyeliner, I like sparkles, I like blue, I like sparkles, and I LOVE my new parisian corset thingy that I got from Frederick's of Hollywood. They're having a sale so check it out! I don't think the color I got is available anymore. I was inspired by the corset and did a look based off its complimentary color. Hence the look is made of some blue tones and lots and LOTS of eyeliner.

It took some work making it such a deep intense black yo. First I just used clinique black to fill it in then blended the edges out with a blue eyeshadow but in pictures you could see all the brush strokes. It wasn't as black as I wanted either sooo I mixed black eyeshadow with mac's miing medium. Mixing medium makes eyeshadow colors more vibrant and opaque. So I buffed that in then buffed on more black dry eyeshadow to take any sort of "sheen" away. And taadaa a black as hell eye! Mixing medium is not the same as usuing fix + or eye drops or water, trust me. I use all three and mixing medium is the BEST.

I hope I win ^_^ !

Le Ingredients for this Blue Venetian Mask

clinique-black gel e/l
mac-teal pgmt
lumiere cosmetics-blue cornflower & peacock e/s (w/o base)
japanese falsies
rhinestones from michaels attatched w/eyelash glue

mac-studio fix powder foundation
nars-taos blush

revlon-really red (matte) l/s
then later changed it to loreal colorjuice-mango tango l/s

I used my eyebrows as a guide to outline the shape of the mask

I just got a "professional" haircut, it feels so short! I only took like 3" off.

My grr pose. I have to have it. If you don't like it, I don't care. Grrr.

This is my first mask ^_^

I was running out of rhinestones yo! I had to space them out carefully haha.


-le midget

Thursday, July 9

Le Heartbreaker

I'm Le Heartbreaker tonight.
Le sig fig and moi...will mark our 4 years of torture soon.
Son of a bitch is going to be in California with his sisssterrrr....

So. Before he leaves next week I will embed his brain with images he will miss out on.

I shall wink with sexy eyes.

He shall ask.
and he will not receive

I'm a heartbreaker indeed.

And I just really love green eyeshadow!

A makeup tutorial featuring Heartbreaker Cosmetic's
Forbidden Eyeshadow.
It's from their Love Junkies Eyes collection.

It's so pretttty.

And they have cute names.

If you decide to purchase and put "midget upgrade" in the notes you get an upgrade. I think a sample turns into a full size? I'm not sure because I gave away the card that had the upgrade written behind it!! -_- omg I can't even do this right lol

Le Ingredients for Forbidden Eyes

mac-sharkskin s/s
heartbreaker cosmetics-forbidden e/s
lancome-the new black e/s
mac-helium pgmt
clinique-daybreak e/s
lord n berry-in the black e/l
revlon falsies

cargo-rome blush
jane-sahara bronzer
jane-agua ceuticals tinted moisturizer
limere-salmon concealer
mac-studio finish concealer

mac-ravishing l/s
mac-angel l/s

I really have something to grr about this time.

no chummas (kisses) for you

Video Tutorial!

-le midget

Wednesday, July 1

Le review: BF-Beauty's 8 color pallet

Here are swatches of that 8 eyeshadow pallet from that I keep talking about. I'm like obsessed with this right now because it's my go to pallet for summer. I think I've actually used this for the past couple videos (besides that crazy look I did). I keep wearing it to like every dinner party too haha and so far I've been able to use it differently each time. I mean, it's bronze, golden, green shades and I think golden tones are universally flattering.

There was a time when I would ONLY reach for golds. It was when I first started to play with makeup (around 8th grade). Then I got sick of golds...I feel like a lot of women of color stick to golds because it's safe, pretty, and mistake proof. If you're learning to blend, golden shades are the easiest to practice with. Well I started using all different sorts of shades but after like 10 years I finally got around to going back to golds. Oh! I've missed you SO. And these look awesome with gray contacts :D haha.

Report Card Time

Price: A 6.99 usd for 8 eyeshadows & 2 blushes
Quality: A Good! Not powdery like most cheaper eye shadows, pigmented when dry, has a smooth texture, no chunky glitter, metallic
Packaging: B Small and compact, I like black, can see shadows from top, easy to open, I forget it has blushes haha
Overall: A

To the swatches!

$6.99 -not to shabby eh?
And notice how I forgot to pull out the blushes for the pictures haha


I didn't use base or water for any of the swatches
in case youre wondering


They're not my favorite things in the pallet.
I actually picked the pallet because I liked the colors on the website.
I like the orangey one but it's a little powdery.

Like I mentioned before, this pallet is from BF-BEAUTY.COM. I just know someone will still ask -_-* and the pallet I got is color version #2 !

Aren't they gorgeous?
Do you have/suggest any of their other pallets?
I am loving this site!!!

-le midget

Le Day n Night

Day n Night
The lonely stoner seems to free his mind at night
He's all alone through the day n night
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night, ah ah at night
Day n Night

Le Ingredients
kryolan-uv aqua colors pallet
40 color e/s pallets
lumiere cosmetics-peacock, bellflower blue, foliage e/s
clinique-true black g/e/l

-le midget