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Saturday, June 27

Le List


This is my "to do" list and "win fail" at life.

  • vlog = life blog ...did one finally. Don't talk to me about it.

  • Eyeshadow swatch/review for that unknown pallet-I made the video right before my tears spilled out for Michael Jackson so I'm gonna have to redo THAT one. I zoned out, was kinda quiet, and repeated a lot of things and said yeaa a lot.

  • Contest look for Nikkie-It's a tough competition folks! One eye has to represent "day" and the other "night". @_@ black and whiiiiiite? lol

  • A video updating on new things we got for Madame Pie. Aaaah we have had it for like over a week now. I've been lazy. I'm just bouncing around wearing the necklace I got to keep.

  • I totally bit off all my nails yesterday. They could totally be the hands of a zombie from Thriller.

  • Gotta dye the mop on my head. An ash brown in case you're wondering. It eliminates red/orange tints or at least minimizes them. Lolololoreal. Pokerface popped up in my head.

  • I have to go to some kid's birthday party tomorrow. Family friend, not close. I don't even know how to spell her name or know how old she is. I DO know what she looks like though, I think. She's cute.

  • I did 50 crunches. A couple days ago =D !

  • I watched transformers today and got the largest sized popcorn + icee. I finished most of it. It was my lunch and dinner and it was GOOD. Too buttery though. I said I wanted a ton of butter but I didn't think she'd listen. My taste buds fear anything oily at the moment. The thought of it...I literally have goosebumps right now lol.

  • I had toffee candy bars and a sobe fake strawberry daquiri for lunch. It's sweetened with 10 lbs of natural sugar. How healthy....

  • I had a few slimjims and candy bars for lunch yesterday.

  • I made money at work.

  • I bought a lot of shit these past 3 weeks but everything was on sale I swear.

  • The nice guy at Sephora said I was mufe 125 but I had samples of a couple of them and ended up getting 127. It's like the same damn shade as my original 128 but with a yellow undertone. I'm getting darker with summer anyways and this foundation blends out VERY well. So forgiving oolalaa.

  • Dude. I actually started wearing something with more than spf 15. Everday! I hate spf. I still don't think I'll wrinkle til I'm like 40. I have oily ass skin and I'm brown. Born in a city on the fuckn equator. I promise you they don't obsess over sunscreen like Americans do. No 25 year old worries about wrinkles (they worry about gray hair from studying too much lol) only people over 40 have wrinkles! And they are called evil aunties -_-

ze end.

Do you like to start your "to do" lists with something you've already done?

-le midget

Wednesday, June 17

Le Launch de Madame Pie!

Officially launching Madame PIE !


~ About Madame Pie ~

What do you think =] ?

Is there something you would like to see?

-le midget

Sunday, June 14

Le Miami Heat

I did a summer inspired look yesterday for a dinner party. The star of this look is my new cute little noname 8 color pallet. I love this pallet!! Omg it has the prettiest dark bronzy shades! It's so cheap (6.99!) and the colors come out very well. I was skeptical at first but dayum, it's a deal.

Le Ingredients:

mac-chartreuse paint
lancome-the new black e/s
clinique-daybreak e/s
8 color pallet (Brown Bronze) -would you like swatches of all the colors?


lord & berry- smudgeproof "in the black" e/l
maybelline-lash stiletto mascara
loreal-voluminous mascara

loreal-colorjuice bubble gum

make up forever-hd foundation
mac-studio fix powder foundatoin
jane-sahara bronzer
cargo-rome blush *my new favorite blush!!*

my grr face


-le midget

Tuesday, June 2

Le Lemonade Detox

Lemonade Detox

other names: master cleanse, lemonade diet, maple syrup diet

What is this detox?
The idea of this detox is to perform a colon cleanse. Yep you heard me. It's a drink that's going to flush the shit outta you...but in a good way. Your colon is about 6 ft long and it can absorb a lot of gunk while your poo is on its way out. You know how a car needs an oil change? We sometimes need something like that too. By cleansing out your system it "restarts" your body thus reboosts your metabolism. Most people tend to lose weight after the detox is over and it can help clear your skin a little too because it helps take care of constipation. Please note that this is NOT intended for weight loss as it is not a diet. But I know most you only care about the weight loss part so if you like starving yourself, go ahead. I ain't gonna stop ya. It also doesn't taste too bad, that is if you like lemonade. I lurve lemonade. It just tastes like a watered down lemonade with a hint of spice. Not the best but I can take it.

Sounds to good to be true?
It isn't!'s hard to do. You have to have a lot of control because you're going to have to drink basically nothing but water for 10-14 days straight. It takes about that long to flush out all the toxins. You also can't eat anything solid while doing this detox, must stick to water. If you're going to try this out, do it at your own risk! I am not responsible for your upset stomach or leaky bladder! I have never done this because my head hurts too much without food. Let me know how it goes though if you're going to try it, or if you failed haha.


1 serving: you would need to do this 10 times a day with this dose
  • 2 tbsp lemon or lime juice (FRESH)
  • 2 tbsp organic 100% maple syrup
  • 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 Cup purified spring water

1 day's serving
: drink all of this once a day for the next 10 days or so
  • 5 lemons or limes squeezed
  • 1 1/4 cup organic maple syrup
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper
  • 10 cups purified water

Make this in a large container and stir before serving because the mixture will separate.

Wanna watch me make and try it? Then watch!

-le midget