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Wednesday, April 22

Le Midget's Useless Advice On Pubes

So today was free scoop day at Ben n Jerry's. A couple friends and I went because it's 2 mins to walk to from our campus...and cuz it's deliciouzzz. While waiting in line we had a live performance. Two old folks were singing and a lady who was 30+ was dancing and twirling around in hulla hoops. She had on pigtails and tight black shorts. Kinda creepy. Lil kiddies were playing around her. WELL. I was watching her kinda freaked out and mesmerized at the same time UNTIL I noticed some lines near her crotch.

Wait a, it couldn't be.

It's probably cellulite or stretch marks.

Those are not stretch marks, they're her pubes.
Her fuckn PUBES!!!!

Absofuckenlutely disgusting. How can someone NOT know it was sticking out? My eyesight sucks, I was maybe only 2 yards away, but when over an inch flows out like that you have got to be kiding me. I have never seen such a disgusting sight in my life. While waiting for ice cream. I don't know whether to feel sorry for the kiddies around her or HER. They don't know what it is but wtf man. C'mon! Shave your goddamn pubes. Just clean it up if you're planning on wearing stretchy pants that slide up and transform in to goddamn speedos.


I wish I took a picture of it but then it would be in my phone.

I almost. Almost lost my appetite. I just turned around for the remainder of the time.

So the lesson here is: keep your bikini line CLEAN! And don't ever wear short shorts if it isn't.

-le midget

Monday, April 20

Le Camping

I went to the beach on Saturday and it was awesome.

ocracoke island

the evil dune we had to climb over to see the ocean

where we always end up eating -it's delish!

the stupid duck everyone kept obsessing over

There's nothing like camping at the beach. You not only get to have an amazing view but you also get to take gallons of sand home with you in your tent, clothes, towels, shoes, socks, hair. It's wonderful! It was almost too relaxing because I didn't do anything at all. I just laid on a towel reading New Moon. It was kinda windy but still had a bonfire and everything going. I didn't join my crew for the was so windy I was scared all the sand would go up my cooch =/ I took a nap in the car and started hallucinating things. I'd randomly wake up and say shit. I was reading a little bit of New Moon before, I started behaving like that idiotic Bella. wtf. I fell asleep so many damn times while trying to read that book. Sorry yall it's just not that great, it kinda sucks. I'm only reading it just so I can finish the series and see for myself whether it's "better" than Harry Potter as some people claim. I don't know what yall be smokin! You guys are mental.

I'm in team Jacob.

I would rather cozy up to someone warm than someone who's cold and feels like stone. The only thing I like about these books is I totally fall in love with the characters. The guys that is. Well...only Edward and Jacob and I imagine them nothing like that horrible movie. Edward sounds way too bossy for me now. I can't handle that kind of bullshit man, you can't tell me what to do and what not to do like a lil kid. Plus, Jacob is tall with golden skin and he wouldn't want to eat me. Well...nevermind haha.

Enough about the book.

-le midget

Friday, April 17

Le Walter

Meet Walter.


He's not mine and so cute!

I don't remember what's on my eyes but that lipstick is awesome.

Revlon Matte-Really Red + Strawberry Suede
After 7 HOURS of wear and eating

And this is from my All About: Tea Tree Oil video. I've been breakn out a lot lately. Period + went home and mom decided to fry everything is oil. They're slowly getting flat now though. Thank goodness because I'm going to the beach this weekend. I wanted to look like a natural hotness but that ain't gonna be the case.

Le Ingredients

vasanti-manhattan pallet e/s
clinique-black gel liner
lord & berry-black kohl e/l
maybelline-lash stiletto mascara

mac-studio fix powder
bare escentuals-glee
eyeko-tinted cream
free shipping + gift code: E1901
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mac-honeylove l/s
mac-angel l/s

no flash. natural light.


The holes of the contacts are way too big..eww

I would consider this a nice summer evening look

You can notice the bumpy skin a little better here.
When I eat very oily foods my pores tend to be a lot larger and my skin gets oilier.
I think it's trying to puke any way it can.

um. grr.

-le midget

Tuesday, April 7

Le Ultimate Lash Stiletto Review

Hey everyone! This will be my first makeup review on here...hopefully it's helpful. So I was fortunate enough to try out Maybelline's Lash Stiletto recently. I would've wrote this sooner but I wore it almost everyday for the last 2 weeks in slightly different ways to really see if it's worth it. My history with Maybelline's mascaras were never good.

Mascaras I've tried from Maybelline before Lash Stiletto:
  • Full 'N Soft® Washable Mascara
  • Lash Discovery® Mini-Brush Washable Mascara
  • Great Lash® Washable Mascara
  • Great Lash® Washable Curved Brush Mascara
  • Intense XXL® Volume + Length Washable Microfiber Mascara
  • Intense XXL® Volume + Length Waterproof Microfiber Mascara
  • The Colossal Volum' Express® Mascara

So you see...that's a hefty list I've tried from them. I am not a huge fan of Maybelline's mascaras even if it's supposedly known as the "best" drugstore brand for mascara. I don't like the feel of the packaging because it's not comfortable in my hand for some reason. I hate the shape of their XXL line. It's the same shape from Colossal but I must say that's the first mascara I really liked from them. It's one of my favs at volumizing! Then came the Lash Stiletto. I think this is their best mascara yet.

What it's supposed to do: Lengthen and add shine

-Packaging! I can hold it comfortably, my two favorite colors, can't roll away!
-It does almost exactly what it says: lengthens
-Curls well and holds it too
-I notice a big difference
-Price $7-12 -at my rite aid it's $12 but they go on sale

-I didn't see any "black-patent shine"

Bare Eye:
no curling no nothin!
as you can see...I have barely any bottom lashes haha.. =[ any picture to enlarge

With Lash Stiletto
no lash curler

With Lash Stiletto vs. Bare Lashes

After Curling + Purple Eyeliner

Before & After!

Can you see why I was impressed? This was after one coat. I don't let a coat dry and apply another. That makes my lashes look spidery. I didn't apply it on top of the top lashes either, I only applied it from the underside. It didn't clump up or flake all over the place. It's a very black color and held the curl perfectly. It flaked maybe a tiny bit after about 10 hrs of wear but I had to look very close to the mirror to find the flakes.


As I stated earlier, I was testing this out for a few weeks. Here's one of the tests for ya...

Maybelline's Lash Stiletto VS Diorshow
da! na! naaaa!

The wands are very different. Lash Stiletto is made to lengthen and add shine and the Diorshow was made to deliver the "longest, thickest, curviest lashes ever".
It's a showdown *dingding!*

Bare Eye

Diorshow vs. Bare Lashes


Lash Stiletto

Diorshow vs. Lash Stiletto

I did this Diorshow vs. Lash Stiletto experiment more than once and each time it just kept proving me you don't need to buy a very expensive mascara to get very expensive results. The Diorshow retails for about $24. Compared to the Lash Stiletto at its highest price at $12, that Diorshow is twice as much! Both sides were not curled beforehand and applied the same way, underside lashes and one coat. They're both new. That's it for my review. I hope it was helpful to those who are perhaps thinking about trying any of these mascaras out.

-le midget

Wednesday, April 1

Le Lost

I can't find my battery charger :*(

Because of that I couldn't join like 3 contests, boO! You know I can't resist a contest. They're just so fun to do and yanks out my creative side. I know I had a couple weeks to do them mkaay -_- I have a couple videos prerecorded so those will be going up within the next few weeks. Got some reviews comin up too. I'm so sad I missed mimi's drag contest :( ! There's still time for anyone who's interested btw, I just don't think I'll find my damn charger in time but IF I dooo...!! I better find that shit before the weekend too because I'm going to Virginia for a dance competition. I ain't dancin, got some friends in it so I thought it'd be fun to be a groupie and "tour" with them :D

Speaking of things being lost, who watches Lost? New Lost tonight! I'm not a fanatic but I watch it. I'm so fuckn confused as to what's happening @_@ The more I watch the more LOST I get! Each episode just pours out more questions instead of answering shit. GRR!

Ohhh!! I've been good too! I went swimming! I love swimming! I'm not that great at it but it's so fun. It's only been like..the 2nd time I went last month but now I can actually swim around without drowning. I just haven't swam in such a long time I lost all stamina. Kinda never had any to begin with but whatever. Did a couple laps then splashed around for over an hour. It felt good..then I got super hungry and ate a spicy pickled sausage (gasstationfood), a chicken biscuit, and an egg n cheese biscuit at the waffle house. Hehe...>_>

I didn't have dinner ok!

For lunch I had a large slice of pepperoni pizza & a chick fil a sandwich. Ok, so I haven't been that great. As you can see...I tend to overeat. BUT. It was all worth it, I don't care -_- mmm!

I can't control what I eat, ever..but I can control working out a lot better. In a few weeks a few friends and I are heading off to the beach to go camping (ilovecamping) soo. SO I want to get rid of a lil jiggle ya know? I don't feel comfortable in a bikini, I never have. I think it's about damn time! I refuse to look at my weight...I already know what it is though haha. Never changes honestly. Goes up and down 5 lbs or so. I'm hoping to tone up and build more muscle mass as compared to the amount of fat I currently have. I think my perfect weight was 103lbs with a slightly sculpted body. That was in 8th grade lol. BTW -it ain't stick thin for me cuz I'm like shy of 5 feet. I like my boobs ok? From 13-19 I stayed at 110lbs and that's more like what I'm trying to get back to. I'm not far off but man it's hard to get motivated or keep a straight schedule these days !

I hate jiggly arms. Go away jiggly arms!

That's about it for now. Off to lunch! I had 2 lil recees peanut butter bunnies for breakfast. And it was great.

-le midget