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Wednesday, March 25

Le Confessions

It's not a tag or anything haha just random things that popped up in my head lately and I want to blurt it all out.

I think Robert Pattinson (the twilight guy) is one ooooglyboogly guy. He looks like he never showers or brushes his hair or brushes his teeth. Now I like the rugged bedhead look but damn if I feel like I can smell you just by LOOKING at you...ugh! And I have mean sinus problems.

I actually eat the lil sweetheart candies you get on valentines day. They taste kinda like toothpaste. I don't like eating toothpaste though haha.

I think buying a clarisonic brush is riiii diculous. RIDICULOUS. Instead of just moving your hand or a hand held brush back and forth people are willing to pay nearly $200 for a battery operated facial brush. Areyoufucknkiddingme?

I think it's weird when some people try to be so professional on youtube. It's youtube.

I peed in the pool today :(

I believe in the power of hoodia. It really does supress hunger.

I once had a pair of contacts that I wore on and off for over a year. They were monthly.

I want to have an extremely sexy curvy and toned body just so I can walk out of the ocean. Looking like so...

I sometimes think people are always watching me. I have overprotective parental issues.

I love Lady Gaga's music. I think her face is pure saturated butters. I don't shudder only when her shades are on.

I like to make people feel awkward. Teehe.

This is not a beauty blog. Sometimes I just like to document the pretty things in life. Like my FACE. jk. Like makeup looks I've done. I write reviews only to remind myself why I hated a product, and I post up pictures of hauls from time to time to remind myself how much money I've wasted. To sound as selfish as I can, it's all for me -but if someone else finds it useful I'm happy with that too. I put pictures because I'm a visual person. I like scrapbooking.

I've had a blog/livejournal type thing for nearly 8 years and always had a journal that I wrote in. I like to read and look through my past to see how I've changed. To see who my friends and crushes were. To remind myself how it felt when I first met my bf. To laugh at those teenage suicidal thoughts. To remember where I came from.

They way I write here or act on youtube is pretty much the way I talk and act in real life. Unless I'm in class (I'm a quiet one there...mainly because I don't know any of the answers!).

Now that people read my blog, I'm scared I'll change.

~Got random things you've been thinking about lately?

-le midget

Sunday, March 22

Le Apartment

O. I joined Twitter a few weeks ago. I gave in. I'm still getting used to it though haha.
I hate change yet I crave it. CLICK HERE to follow :)

Just some things I received recently :D

...or whatnot.

Lash Stiletto

Still playing with this mascara. I keep comparing it with stuff I already have. Now I feel like I actually have too many mascaras for once because they expire so quickly :(

The popular Diorshow thanks to Javy!

And the prizes from Aimee!

WOW. Those are some amazing prizes. I'm sure people agree with me! My first mac msf, love the shadows, and I use that liner all the time now. It's so creamy compared to mac's blacktrack. Now I know my fluidline is a dried up prune. I got this stuff like over a week ago. I was supposed to get it earlier but my dumbass forgot to put the fuckn APARTMENT number on the address I gave her. OMG I would've felt sooo bad if the package somehow got lost. -or killed the bitch who ended up with it grrrr!

Speaking of bitches. She got some Bitchslap Cosmetics sent to her! Lucky!

these brushes were sent to me from a friend :)
how fuckn nice is she?!

JK, I just cleaned most of my brushes after like..3 months.
They looked nice laying there ready to be molested.


I cut my bangs. They're short, pixie, piecy bangs.

They're wack.

but I really like it in this pic
look how fuckn glowy my skin looks
I used a Smashbox primer for the first time
+ that mac msf WARMED

look at my skin
I'm in awe

I have fuckn amazing fake skin
my brows are a tad bit thinner too
laaave it

I told you..I like HAVE to do something to my hair every month.

Dude. The pic is not photoshopped.
The ones I do, are obvious.
Again. Look at my skin.
I don't care if you have a better glow. This is a rare moment for me.

urban decay-zero e/s
urban decay-underground e/s
revlon colorstay-black e/l
diorshow mascara
freshlook colors-violet contacts

smashbox-lavendar primer
mac-studio fix powder
mac-warmed msf
clinique-iced lotus blush

mac-honeylove l/s
victorias secret lipgloss


I don't like to wear necklaces.
Because the chain feels cold on my neck.

-le midget

Thursday, March 19

Le Cold Hard Bitch

I'm so cuuute. And sugary sweet ^_^ *yumyum*

I could have called it Snow Princess or someshit like that but since it's a contest to win Bitchslap Cosmetics. It deserves a name that turns ears. Ye? Mkay so here's my look. I did it a while ago. You can tell because in the beginning of the bangs are a lot shorter. I'm sporting what I call pixie bangs. They're short slanted bangs that are kept in little locks. So it's not a straight clean snip.

Products used are listed in the video. I'm too lazy to copy paste them here at the moment.

Because my life is full of drama. Drama that doesn't even neeeeeed to be there. It's a roomate situation. It's so stupid it's like not even worth mentioning. Let's just say she's being a HYPOCRITE and making a big deal over something really small.

It took me fuckn 3.5 hours or something to do this. Arrg.

Le Tutorial

-le midget

Tuesday, March 17

Le Award + St. DrunkDay

I was awarded by MIIIIMIIIII !

Umm. Her name doesn't have nine i's in it.

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

So..where is this ICON?

I want my icon!

10 Honest Things about Le Midget

1. I think tags and awards are stupid...but sometimes I like to do them anyway because...I can.

2. I always have Pandora open. For commercial free nonstop music bonanza click ME!

3. I don't pick up my phone often. It's always on vibrate. Somethin about them vibrations baby.

4. I text if I have to. Once a month, maybe.

5. I try to look away when teachers erase the board. Why? If they forget to erase a little part of what was on the board it bugs me. To death.

6. I like girls online better than in real life.

7. Speaking of girls. I am bi. Only with one exception though, Angelina Jolie. I have the biggest crush on her. It gives me butterflies. I don't like Brad. Go back to Aniston.

8. I think the number one beauty product is a toothbrush.

9. I changed my major just so I can stay in school an extra year. I still hate it...but it's better than before. No pressure to get into optometry school anymore. I never wanted to go anyway.

10. I do care about what people think of me. It still doesn't stop me from doing what I want though. Haha.

Tags...yeah. Ok. I like everyone I read and follow honestly. Otherwise I wouldn't follow them obviously. I quickly picked random people so please don't get offended if I didn't pick you! These are basically the last couple people I just checked out haha. Check em out, they're worth the click. And if you don't do the award..don't worry I won't cry.


Happy Drunk Day Bitches!

I did a simple light green daytime look for today. I don't really wear eyeshadow in the daytime for classes. I got lots of compliments today ;D I guess I look like shit normally. Haha.

le Ingredients:
mac-chartru paint
covergirl-lime alive e/s
40 pallet-bright medium green e/s
milani color brilliance-aqua e/l
clinique-black gel liner
freshlook colors-violet

If I actually go out tonight I'll update this with a nighttime look ;)

-le midget

Monday, March 16

Le Habibiti

This is a very Middle Eastern/bollywood inspired look. I'll go with middle eastern because of the jewelery. I borrowed the head piece from my Afghan friend. I'm not sure whether to put Afghans in the Desi or Middle Eastern category because they're right in the MIDDLE. I don't want to say Arab because Arabs are strictly from Saudi Arabia! Or did I miss something? Can you call all Middle Eastern Arabs? Because from my understanding Iraqis, Arabs, Turkish etc. are all different nationalities. Perhaps Afghans are slightly more Desi. Back in the day it was the emperors from the Afghanistan area that ruled it all baby. It was their people who ruled pretty much the entire Indian Subcontinent. Some desis probably wouldn't want to admit it. But yo, remember those Muslim emperors that ruled all over India once? Well, they're of Afghan/Persian decent. What happened to their empire is a tragic story. They were the richest most poweful at one time and all you see are broken buildings, dust, and poverty. My friend told me there's a huuuuuge difference in what it used to be and what it is today but things are getting better slowly :)

Umm...Afghans are really hot.

And their food is delicious.

I'll just list the eyes because I used so many damn things.

Le Ingredients

urban decay primer potion
nyc-white e/l
milani color brilliance-aqua e/l
mac-teal pigment
tkb trading-raspberry pop! pigment
leishi-(no name) frosty light blue pigment
leishi-(no name) white pigment
40 color pallet (no name)-black e/s
prestige-azure l/e/l
gem falsies
mac reflects-antique gold
mac-blacktrack fluidline for brows
prestige-black e/l for mole ..haha
colorvue contacts-green fusion

My face with a bright makeup.

mmm. lip hair...

without hair flattening objects

Do I have any Afghan readers? I know no one likes to be categorized but do you consider yourself as a desi? I know my friend does because of the similar foods, clothing, music, and culture. I ask because I know of a lot of Indians and Pakistanis in particular that don't consider Afghans to be. Those same persons don't consider Sri Lankans to be desi either, which! ...sounds absurd to me.

-le midget

Monday, March 9

Le Clean & Clear

I just finished a cleanser this morning. Yay! I have this thing where I want to try all the drugstore brand facial cleansers. Why? Well...what IF one happens to be IT. What if I can find my holy grail cleanser for a drugstore price! The one that I'll fall in love with and end up with the rest of my life. Ya get?

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Scrub w/ bursting beads

quality: C
price: $6
packaging: C
overall: B
buy again: no

pros: price, color, citrus smell ( I like it), brightened skin, no breakouts *thankgod*
cons: doesn't remove makeup, gel doesn't feel like it's good quality

It wasn't a horrible cleanser but it wasn't that great either. It's a gel cleanser so it's not bad for oily skin and probably not creamy enough for dry skin. The quality of the gel doesn't feel that great, that's why I gave it a C. It doesn't remove all makeup so it's better to remove that with a makeup remover first. I personally love a citrus smell and it brightened my skin after each wash. Left it nice and glowy. Brightening doesn't mean it actually lightened my skin permanently mkay? It's pretty gentle for a scrub because the beads are very round. Could use more for a real scrubbing action though. I currently have combination-oily-acne prone skin (meaning I'm very oily and break out but I have some dry patches around my nose and eyes,) and it didn't dry me out or leave me greasy. Skin felt clean and refreshed so I didn't need to pack on a moisturizer after. I don't know why it's called "morning burst" since it doesn't even tingle or's just a stupid, long, and useless name. It never broke me out and I liked it but I won't be buying it again because there's too many other cleansers out there to try!

warning! Don't buy this if you actually think it's going to wake you up in the morning.

Have any drugstore cleanser suggestions for my skin type? Do tell!

-le midget

Friday, March 6

Le Still

I just wanted to share a funny still of a video I just put up. I wasn't planning on posting anything about it on here but it made me laugh too much.

*edit: still has been changed.

OMG I'm so attractive.

-le midget

Wednesday, March 4

Le Spring Broken



This is my worst spring break everrrrr.

At least I'm out of the house. And the dorm. Phew!

Umm..can some of you kindly vote for me in mona's contest? I'm losing badly haha. I'm #23 Click HERE. If you hate my entry why don't you check out my favorite entry #27. That girl Chiara rocked it pretty hard. I loved her outfits! Maybe so will you?

I might get some hate for writing this but yo. It's my personal blog. I write for no one but myself. I don't beg you to read my shit. Look at the people who're winning the contest right now. Then take a look at everyones' entries. Besides Chiara there are some other very good outfits like Audrie's, Pink's, Fuzkittie's, Rai's..aren't theirs great? Yeah. I smell it too. I smell a lil cheating going on.

Besides that.

It's not supposed to SNOW on spring break mkaaay?

3rd day since the sky's freezingasfuck here

feelin blue

prestige blue waterproof eyeliner topped with prestige blue liquid liner
leishi blue pigment below waterline
wetnwild paradise cove pallete-lightest color all over lid
lancome something mascara. It clumps.

grrrr expensive mascara CLUMPS?!

Must forget about expensive mascara.
Time to make everyone bubble tea


Boredom drives me crazy,
so does too much caffeine
It's not from bubble tea...
red bullshit. GIVES YOU WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!


It doesn't work btw. It just makes me hyper for a few minutes.

guess what! guess! ..?..
That picture is photoshopped. HeeHee.
I drew in a mole.

The earth is movin but I can't feel the ground.

oh no she di-in't. just make a britney song reference.

-le midget