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Saturday, January 24

Le Sober

Inspired by Pink's music video's makeup in Sober. I think it was harder to capture a good still because the scenes kept going back and forth so fast where she had this sparkly lacy makeup. I've always loved P!nk's music from the get go. She's so pretty and I've always LOVED her makeup...and her voice. I like my woman without a super girly voice (like rihanna's) So interpretation of it. I'll add on what contacts I use along with my pics now...maybe...

Hope you liiiike.

Le Ingredients

charlotte russe gray trio
mac-silver fog pgmt
falsies I from from L!
nyc-black liquid e/l
colorvue-green fusion contacts
Stick on gems

mac-studio fix powder foundation
witnwild-naive blush

mac-honeylove l/s
mac-angel l/s

-le midget

Tuesday, January 20

Le DIY Enzo Milano Baby!

Since my last post was equivalent to 5 posts. I will make this short and sweet with a diy on how to create your own version of an Enzo Milano "clampless" curling iron. YEP. I wasn't going to dish out $120 just like that. I've seen the price go up to around $180..umm hell no. Plus the iron I used was just sitting there without any love. Now it gets a lot. Lucky bastard! It's just some old shitty conair curling iron I had since I was a teen. Actually, my very first hair tool ever. I guess now I can still use it and it still works! It just doesn't get a very high dosage of heat but whatever cuz IT WORKS and I love the results!

I'm sure I'm not the first to do this. I've been using this for a while for wavy hair looks. AND. I actually put it back together just for the tutorial. Takes 2 minutes to take it apart and about 5 to put back together. Ze end!

-le midget

Thursday, January 15

Le Ketchup Time

First post of the year. Woot!
It's not late. It's on time for me.
Hope everyone's new years was great!
And people that go to school, hopefully at least some of your classes are good.

*Le New Years Eve*

I didn't end up wearing the outfit of choice. It was just too fuckn COLD outside man. I was like fuck that. I don't need to try to look cute. I am cute. It was the first time I got to start my year off with a kiss... =]

and cube jello shots...

bonding time with Cane

nail biting in action

if I did sit on him my feet wouldn't be touching the floor T_T

It wasn't as romantic as I had imagined though -_- the bar was soo crowded..and he was trying to get a beer. Grr. My kiss wasn't exactly on time, 1 second late but it bothers me haha. I imagined us cuddling and sipping away champagne then staring into each others eyes as the count down began for the new year then mmmmuah exactly at 12:00 am. Instead I saw him trying to run through the crowd of drunks.."I'm coomminnnng" in slow motion. -_-*

my look: without flash

silver e/s + glitter + liner + mascara

Then the next day...Jan 1st. I spent the day with old friends and night crying with the mister.

You see. I was on a lil something and on my period and the emotions shat out. The asshole wasn't very loyal to me once. Once. And it was a very long time ago but here's my thing. It shouldn't have happened even once. They didn't do the dirty but they did something and I can't STAND the thought of it. It killllls me inside. It really does. And I believe in revenge. Karma's a bitch baby. Except...I never paid the revenge, I just keep threatening that I will one day. I just don't think I can though...I don't have it in me. I'm not a cheater. Wait, so here's why I was pissed off out of my mind. I asked if he still had this bitch on his friend's list on facebook randomly. He thought about it for a bit then goes..."yes..but I promise I've never ever talked to her or seen her again.." blah blah bullshit. Which I do believe actually. He's been extremely loyal to me ever since. He did this during the beginning of our relationship and we had sort of a long distance thing at first. But still. It shouldn't have HAPPENED. So here I am "OH HELLLL NO! FUCK YOU! WHAT THE FUCKKKK!" Are you serious? Then I demanded to see her face.

All this time I never wanted to see this bitch's face or know her name. Then suddenly...there she was. Smiling at me. This ugly ass white skank was staring back at me with a wide smile of her face. I wanted to kill him and her and myself and point a rifle to his dick and just blast the fuck away. I was MAD.

So after all that. Here's the conclusion. He made one mistake. I will never forgive him for doing it but I will ignore it for the sake of sanity. Before, every time I used to think of it I would end up in tears. Now I don't. I feel like a new person. I can actually write about this...and feel fine. Some emotions stir up and my ears get hot but no tears. No menacing thoughts. Because it's not her fault. It's HIS fault and it's my fault for staying with him even after that. I had the choice to leave. I couldn't. I loved him too much. The funny thing about that is he said he loved me first and I told him "I don't want to say it now..but when I do you'll know that I'll mean it".

O and I told him I want an open relationship. And that's what I'm in right now and I love it. Neither of us have approached others -_- but still! I like it a lot at the moment. I know I'm too attached to him to let him go cold turkey. I want to let him go but then I don't. More on the don't side..but if I meet someone he can't get mad if I flirt a lil more, dance a lil harder, or kiss the guy..or anything else shit. That's my loophole for revenge you see. I need the label "open relationship" so it allows me to do whatever I want with anyone I want. I can't cheat. I told him I'm just waiting for whoever sweeps me off my feet. Ok not really waiting. More like..whomever my eyes and groin fancies. I want to fall in love again. It's also a big fuckn hint he needs to be more romantic damnit.

I really like how things are at the moment. He get's nervous every time he thinks about the open relationship part. He asks me randomly and quietly if it can go back to being just us. I find it so s cute. But no , not yet.

On a happier note! This is why I'm low on cash ^_^

I've been craving acid washed jeans. Got one :)
Both pants $10 ea. Rave!
Gold tights (not going to wear with western clothes) $5 wetseal!

These 2 were in the 2009 wishlist. Got em :) both around $14 forever21!
I can get in the black dress.
It's tight.
Gimme a month.

Robe $6.99 at charlotte russe!
Fleece hella warm pjs $5.99 aeropostale!

It's not for everyone. I know. I love this. My moomoo coat.
Got this in november ..or earlier actually.
Worn it once =/ too cold out now!

Bodies for sale. Harolds died at our mall.

random crap
I love love love that sonia kashuk blending brush!!!
Craft shit. Heart ice cube trays. Empty bottle for brush cleaner.
Jump rope for fat.
Vaseline. Works.

$1.99-2.99 forever21!

Love me some heels

I love a nice booty too

Found it at my Grand Asia Market. I never looked at their beauty section before. Just food haha.
That eggshell pore mask.

2-40 e/s pallets + 10 false lashes (not shown) $15 including shipping.
Pigmented. Matte + shimmer. Colors viewable without lifting lid. Travel friendly.
I beat you all.

1st nyx. DS liner wars. NARS dupes w/ wetnwild. 1st mac blush.

NY & Co hat w/gems ^_^
1st mac brushes. Not impressed. Khol. Lush. Fave mascara.
Victorias Secret spray...I had a bunch of tanning shit from the bare bronze collection but I gave it to a friend.
Best mattifying base ever.

Why elf caught

I have a great lash collection now. I will show one day.
I approve of their new studio line!

I love rubbish!

*Le Resolutions*

Can't have the first post of the year without the howimgoingtobeasmarterskinnerandsexierbitch list!

1. Stop biting my lips and nails.This has been a really bad lonnng habit from ever since I can remember. I want my hands to look human and I want my lips to be smoooooth.

What I'm doing:
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
: I already had this
. I don't think it actually works. Vaseline: I've tried all that good shit and nothing beats this baby. I use it for my lips and cuticles overnight and I notice a craaazy good transformation in the morning. My magic shit for anything dry!

2. Eat better. Instead of 3 meals a day I end up eating much more. Or I won't eat all day *not hungry* and go crazy during dinner then later in the night. The "They serve all the good things at once" in my dining hall excuse shall be used no more! I don't care about eating veggies and fruits all day. I just need to eat one burger instead of a burger + whole plate of fries w/ cheese + fried rice w/ veggies + hummus wrap + ice cream + soda then later whole bags of hot fries...ya know? Yes I actually DO eat that much and just like that. So if I just eat 3 meals like a normal person I think it could really improve my health instantly. Plus, I drink like one glass of water a day. I need to increase that to at least 5.

What I'm doing:
Eating breakfast at least 2x a week
Eating one plate of food
Sprinkling a teeny bit of salt or cheese on veggies that way I actually eat it
Drinking at least 1 glass of water or juice or iced tea with every meal
Small strength (15 mins) work outs in my room if I don't go to the gym, every other day

3. Detox- I want to cleanse my body of the shit that's stuck in it. Literally. I want to do this withing the first 2 months of 09 so I start it off clean. It's pretty extreme but I will do it. I will!

What I'm thinking of:
colon cleanse

4. Not study for tests 1 or 2 days before it is. That means, keep up with work and be organized.

what I do now:
Bought huge desk calendar. It's green. I can't miss it even if I tried :( Got one for my roomate too so we're both on task. Sit at desk instead of bed for most tasks. Take notes by hand and not laptop. That's the hardest for me because I get bored and fall asleep in class. I really do snooze. My neck always does that abouttobreakoffmode then jerks back up. haha.
Make flashcards day I get the material.
Not skip class-very... hard.

5. Do laundry more often, like every 2-3 weeks. I do laundry once I run out of cotton underwears haha. I can go like 2 months without it. I don't usually wear clothes more than twice either. Pants 3 before the knees start to take shape. And I just buy new socks if I run out. I end up with a huuuuge pile to do in the end and it takes me forever. I have to dedicate like half a day just for laundry. I don't like it. I HATE laundry so the less time spent on it the better for me now.

6. Skincare-sunscreen & put body lotion on everyday. Do 2 masks and exfoliate 1x aweek. Simple but I never followed through before. And I want to reeeally get rid of my acne scars I got over break before my birthday. Funny how I got stress pimples after exams and when I was supposed to relax at home ... -_-
what I do:
mask 1: Neutrogena acne mark fading peel
mask 2: Neem mud mask for oily skin
exfoliation: Neutrogena microdermabrasion. Also good for acne scars so 2 birds with 1 stone.

7. Wear all the clothes I have. Wear all the accessories I have. Wear all the scarves I have. Wear all the shoes I have. Wear everything at least twice. If I don't I'll give them away by the end of the year. I waste more money on clothes and accesories than makeup. Things add up yo and I don't even have a job at the moment.

8. Which brings me to number 8..get a job by the end of the month. One on campus and one outside. Something small and part time. Ideally weekend.

what I did: Applied.
Got one :) on friday, campus
As for the weekend I'm just waiting for the call...

8. Not wear pjs to class. I'm the girl that rolls out of bed and walks to class 10 mins late in pjs. I will buy more velvety pants so I don't wear pjs to class out of comfort.

9. Get a biotechnology related internship during the summer.

what I'm doing: I tweaked and made my final resume. I'm just applying now :)

10. Better money management.
what I'm doing:
Using the credit card less.
Paying for all I spent that month. I don't want to be in debt once I'm done with school because I have tons of loans to pay back. That's what I get for coming to a private school.
If you make $100, save at least $25. Don't touch it. Pretend it's not there. Don't make $100 and spend $125.

So. I think I have a great start so far because I've actually been working of all of them and haven't lost my path. I didn't want to write this earlier because before I would write em then not do shit. The only thing I haven't been doing ONLY for this week is not working out every other day. Surprise Surpriiiise. I only did a strength work out twice this week because school started this week and I'm trying to get everything in order first. I had to re-register for all my classes because the registrar somehow pulled me out of all of them..even though I had everything settled. So all my classes pretty much got full :( but now I'm in all the ones I wanted after bothering the department deans over and over again :) !

*Contest Prizes!*

I recieved these prizes a while ago and I love them! Thanks Mayaari!!

I got third place by doing a warm holiday look for her contest. I'm playing around with these but saving the masks for the birthday and vday for when I want that extra glow. It's a coindecende I've wanted to try all 3 of the primers too becaue I hear they're good for oily skin. Oh and that powder is the ultimate oil sucking whore! I'm poking and messing around with the rest of the stuff and I was actually squeaky happy to see that her card was Alienman's work too haha. The pocky sticks were not pictured because they were already eaten lol.

And also thanks to Fly Mama!!
I won first prize in her icon contest by doing that crazy rainbow shit inspired by a NARS promo. I like everthing man. The nails , they're pretty hot! I'll chisel them down to size and wear em out for a good party. I love the color of the dark polish too. Once I grow my nails out it'll be the first color I use ^_^ I've always wanted to try to DHC cleansing oil but was too afraid to try ANY cleansing oils because I'm richer than Iraq. But damn yo I love this shit! I love the kate stuff and everything else I got too!

I'm still playing with em becuase as you can see for coming 3rd and 1st there's a plenty that's not too shabby ;)

love. love. love.

-le midget