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Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year Bitchazz!

Hope all of you have an amazing new years eve! I've always stayed home for it. Not because I'm a loser but because my MOM wouldn't ever let me out *grr*. This year I'm like ok. BAIBAI! I have to be home soon after 1 thought -_- *lame!* but I don't care man I get to be out with friends =D ! O and guess what..well you can't so I'll just tell you anyway. It's another friend's birthday. It's been almost one every week since november man. I guess spring is a lovely time to get knocked up. I hope 2009 brings more ups than downs for once. I'onno bout chu but I sure as hell need me some good times to roll. Not that this year was that awful. It was great when I was with my buds. It was just very...stressful for my family. Mainly my parents. As much as I hate them at times I hate seeing them suffer too. It's been one downfall after another for them the past 3 years. Not with eachother, just health and financial wise. I feel so guilty spending all my money behind their backs now that I'm home. When I'm away from home it's so easy to forget all that and just live my life. I have to surround myself with good friends or the wifey otherwise I feel pretty depressed because reality hits. And it hits hard. I feel this weird thick..heavy rock of sadness in my gut that I can't get rid of. Well anyway. I've ranted enough.

!Happy New Year!

~*~Purple Glitz~*~

Le Ingredients:
revlon beyond natural-black e/l
wales palette
charlotte russe-dark gray e/s, glitter
lancome-the new black e/s
clinique-daybreak e/s

mac-studio fix powder foundation
victoria's secret-sunny cheeks mosaic bronzer

nyx-smokey look l/g
mac-angel l/s


gosh my head looks big

I decided to go purplish instead of black or silver this year.
But gotzta have the sparkles baby!

Ohoho! Someone has put a play button right over my face.

-le midget

Friday, December 26

Le Hip Hip Horray!

Hope you guys are having a great holiday and for those who celebrate Christmas, hopefully Santa got you everything you've ever wanted =] Far too many people I know or know of are sick right now so those of you who are, get better soon! If possible, as soon as ..right now. I forget, I don't sleep. It's almost 7 am haha. It's another Black Friday baby Sale Sale Sale!

Window shopping for me though.
I believe I have less than $40 in the bank right now and a lil cash on hand.
And I plan to spend it all MUAHAHAHAHAA!! ...-_-
I don't need to eat. I'm at home ^_^
I eat noodles and rice with mommy daddy monies.

I'm excited about tomorrow. I get to meet up with friends whom I haven't seen for quite some time. Well one I haven't seen in a while because I rarely saw her in class. That's partly my fault, ha.

Anyway, L'Oreal H.I.P. came out with *drumroll* Kohl Liners! Yesssss! That came out randomly, no? Haha. Yeah. Like Desis and Middle Eastern girls (funny how I'm kinda both) I love me some kohl aight. Nothing is as intensely dark and matte and long lasting as KOHL baby. No liner has ever given me the same satisfaction as kohl. Well that's not entirely true because if I take a matte black eyeshadow and rub that on my waterline with a q-tip it gives the same effect but doesn't last as long. I used to use Hashimi Surma but I threw that shit away the minute I found out it had lead in it. If you use this, pleeease throw that shit AWAY! Some have been found with up to 50% of its contents with lead. Deadly!

So back to L'Oreal's khols. They're supposedly sparkly because they're irredescent instead of a traditional matte finish. I don't know how I feel about that yet. I believe they come in 6 different colors and that's exciting because traditional kohl comes in the one and only BLACK. They price for $12. For me that's a lil pricey for just a ds brand...and now you know my money situation doesn't help haha. I'll hold off on these until there's a sale. Walgreens and Rite Aid often has a sale on these and I wonder if these liners really are as good (or bad) as real surmas/kohl. Probably not but until I get my hands on these...they will be on the two kohls (lead free) I purchased from ebay a few weeks ago. Aha!

Have you seen or tried any of them? Thoughts?

The pretty ones from Guerlain. $33 a pop.
Most khols are applied with a stick applicator
The L'oreal one looks kinda dangerously pointy =/

left: Gerlain khol blue
middle: L'oreal Teal
right: L'oreal Navy

*All picture credit goes to mac_is_crack from

-le midget

Tuesday, December 23

Le Wishlist Le 2009

Yah..I already made a wishlist for 2009. I think this is the first wishlist I've ever made. oo exciting. It's basically to keep track on my money actually. I know I'll be spending but if I have a list of the useless things I want, at least for makeup, then I don't buy shit randomly. I don't ever plan on getting certain kinds of makeup so I just go to the store and ramdomly pick stuff up. Impluse buying. Aherm T_T. Not gooooood. I don't always like returning things either because it's such a hassle to go back again and pick something out. So I'm trying to be a little more careful this year. I need money for good alcohol.

If I could get even two of those dresses I'll be happy. The black strapless one is from Forever21 for only like $14.99! How can you wrong with such a classy dress? HOW? Hopefully I'll fit into it. My boobs and guts don't fit into a lot of their cute dresses. It's a pet peeve of mine if your boob doesn't fit in and you can see the line raised on where the bust line is supposed to end. Ughlahdlhgadlhg!

Makeup ImusthaveorIwilldie:
mac-carbon e/s, electric eel e/s, natural msf, 217 & 224 brush, at least 1 msf
nars-galapagos e/s, blushes: exhibit a, deepthroat, oasis
urban decay-stash & covet liners, gash l/l
smashbox-purple correcting primer
mufe-yellow correcting primer

Doesn't it look so small? And made of simple things that I ought to already have? Well. I think I have a lot of makeup already..but I use everything I have. I really do. I mean not all at ONCE but it doesn't sit there untouched. If I have it. I will def use it. Unless it's a lipgloss though. That's why there aren't any on my list hahaaa!

Lust: the smokey eye chanel quad & russian red

Freebies *hehe*: Things from mac's hello kitty collection, some nude lippies. You can't go wrong with these, ever.

But of course...if I could have anything or anyone in the would have to be Angelina Jolie. I psycho love her. Psycho. And if you don't like her. Good. I'm totally with you. I know! How could she love me over you? That's right! Back off.

It's 7:43 am. Yet again wiiide awake. Never went to bed. Must force myself to fall asleep. I think I should tape my lids down or something. I think part of the problem is the fact that my room is way too hot. It's making my head feel heavy.

What things or people are you dreaming about for next year? Tell me =] !
So my list gets larger.

-le midget

Saturday, December 20

Le School Is Bus Outside My Window

I can't sleep. I've been up past 5-6am for the past couple days. I watched a school bus arrive and take kids to school...

I don't usually take naps unless I know I'll be out later in the night.

I miss my baby. The one I popped out almost a year ago. Jk.

I don't like being's soo boring. I can't go out and stuff either. Them Asian parents. You know how they are *sigh*. Or maybe you don't. Lucky bastard!

la salsa

Random pic: I was Leela from Futurama for Halloween

le frenchie
birthday girl

how ethnic

le monies

le birthday girls
-on different days

le Indian
le birthday boy

le blackout

My parents alarm just went off. They probably forgot that my brother doesn't have school anymore. I can't believe I used to wake up this fucking early to go to school before. I'm cringing at the idea that I'm going to have to wake up my kids for school somewhere near this time one day. I'm still wiiiiiiiide awake but I'm going to head off to bed. Technically I'm in bed but mleh. I must close my eyes. Must dream. Must doze the fuck OFF.

-le midget

Friday, December 19

Le Holiday Look -Video-

I got around to making a video finally ^_^ it's for the last look I did here. Everything I used an all that is exactly the same.

Le Ingredients:
mac-stillife paint
mac-megarich p/t
mac-heritage rouge p/t
mac-museum bronze p/t
clinique-daybreak e/s
tbk trading-midnight train e/s

nyx-natural l/l
nyx-oro l/g

loreal- a random red l/s
that I stole from my mom
it's in a purple package..they don't even sell em anymore...


-le midget

Monday, December 15

Le Holiday Look

There are so many contests right now I don't even know how to keep up with them! Well I remembered about this one soOoOo here's my look! This is for Mayaari's Winter Challenge. She's having two contests at the same like like lady L too. More chances to win yeshhh! I did one look and it's an obvious warm one.

sorry for not adding them earlier
been celebrating bdays
and been sick
along with a pretty cold sore to look at
ugh. it's huge.

Le Ingredients:
mac-stillife paint
mac-megarich p/t
mac-heritage rouge p/t
mac-museum bronze p/t
clinique-daybreak e/s
tbk trading-midnight train e/s

nyx-natural l/l
nyx-oro l/g

loreal- a random red l/s
that I stole from my mom
it's in a purple package..they don't even sell em anymore...

It was too bronzey for my liking so I added red lipstick.


It looks like I'm checkn someone out.
The sink? This was in the bathroom.

You don't know how fuckn long it took me to put these fuckn pictures up. UGH. I've been trying since last night at 11pm! ifja)@(*#&%)*#%lskjfo2u398qu3!!!!!!!!!!!

-le midget

Saturday, December 13

Le 16 Randoms

directions: once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.

This shouldn't be hard but that's a hefty load..16.

1. I'm Bangladeshi. huh? yeah.....I put the bang in Bangladesh..haha umm. ethnic joke.

2. I'm under 5 feet. Le midget suddenly makes so much more sense!

3. I used to have a lot of cavities. A lot is 20+

4. I've never owned an ipod or mp3 player. Never had the urge to.

5. Is my favorite number.

6. I refuse to sit in the front row in a class. If I must it better be a corner.

7. Every look I've done on youtube so far. I don't think I've ever worn out. I just wipe it off after and I don't "practice" my looks before hand. I wing it.

8. My front teeth are uneven. Duh. It's because the day before coming to the grand 'ol U S of A..I was swinging between two chairs. Hmm..imagine two sofa chairs next to each other a couple feet apart. Then a lil kid between them with their hands on the chair arms..lifts their feet off the ground..and swings their legs back and forth. And BAM I hit the floor tooth first. The next morning while brushing my teeth...I was kind of disappointed to find only half of one of my front two teeth. I've gotten it fixed but it's wearing away...

9. I have never dated my own kind. They don't like me perhaps? Well I don't like you guys either *stickstongueout*

10. When I only eat junk food for a living. I weigh less. When I eat real meals. I weigh more. I've been eating meals lately..ahehehaa..>_>

11. I always take 1 hour and 30 mins to get ready for an event (party/dance/wedding). It includes shower time. Shaving time. Makeup time. Hair time. And dressing time. It's always 1.5 hours. Always. And if someome tries to rush me. It's only interrupting me and making things go slower.

12. I'm a full 34 C and sometimes D. You can't tell.

13. You can't tell because I hate super low cut shirts. V necks. And halters give me the whore effect. But makes them titties look nice. Haha.

14. I have many posts on blogger still in "draft" form. I just never end up posting them.

15. I do something to my hair every month. Whether it be coloring or a cut. Last month I made it a burgundy. This month I have some dark blue streaks.

16. I hate my huge forehead. Then I look at tyra banks.

I'm tagging anyone who wants to do it. As a blog filler. Hahaha. Yep. You know it. And to think of all the drafts I have..yet I post this.

-le midget

Wednesday, December 10

Le Nars



I'm bland as ever. I was inspired by a NARS promo (hense "le nars") to do this look for Fly Mama's wicked contest. I actually did a look for the holiday one too but it looks like someone's entry. Fuck! I might just go ahead and send that in though. Ah well. It look me some time but it was pretty fun. I fuckn love this. I realized soon that that design wasn't going to fit my head though it's ginormous so I changed it around some here and there to make it my own. If you just like lookin through pics then this is yer post. Actually nevermind. It's just that for these looks I take sooo many pictures and I keep cutting it down until it's less than 20. It's a bitch.

one eyyyye

ze oza eyee



hot mess

my lil clip which I love. ok maybe not that little...

I fuckn love this. I wore it til 3am. And in public.

-le midget

Monday, December 1

Le Aveeno

For the price, it ought to be more effective. That's really all I have to say for every product I've tried from Aveeno. It's not like I gave up after trying one either. I've tried 5 things from them and finished them (except the ones still in use currently). That's dedicated man. And not my money's worth sadly. When I went home I used the Clear Complexion foam cleanser. Then I remembered why I left it at home. I've used a lot of cleansers in my day..a lot. Under my facebook interests I have 'face washes' as an interest. Haha yeah. My search for the perfect never ending. It's like the damn Neverending Story. Uguhguhguh.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser

Quality: C
Price: $8 on sale
Claims: B
Appearance: B
Overall: C

It has a smooth runny texture that has a pearlescent rainbow tint to it. Like opals. Didn't lather up. I feel clean after using it but not squeaky clean. This is soothing. Something I use after a scrub or when my skin isn't super oily because I don't think it helps with getting that much gunk out. I don't use it often. Probably good for people with sensitive skin. Not best for people with very oily skin or use heavy makeup everyday. I didn't feel any more radiant after using it and it's expensive for a drugstore brand.

Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser

Quality: C
Price: $6 on sale
Claims: F
Appearance: D
Overall: D

I hate how you have to take off the cap, set it down, pumpumpump, and recap every time you want to use it. My hands are usually wet by then and it just slips all over the place! It makes it feel so dirty too. Think of all the bacteria that lives around the faucet =/ Also you need 3 full pumps to get enough foam all around your face and the pump gets stuck and doesn't go all the way up often. The foam disintegrates withing seconds too. Sure it cleans but not really. It does a lousy job and it doesn't help with acne whatsoever! When I had acne I felt like it made me have MORE because it never got rid of them. It didn't make things worse though. There's just no point to this cleanser for me. Lousy and a waste of money!

Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer

Quality: B
Price: $13 on sale
Claims: C
Appearance: B
Overall: C

I got this last summer for the pimples an all and it did nothing to help them go away. It was very thick for a lotion moisturizer too. Much too creamy for my liking because my skin was oily as fuck and this just made it worse. It's better for people with dry skin. So I saved it for winter and used it on those random dry patches I'd get. I liked the pump but that's about it. For the price I expected it to be SO much better. I bought this with the lousy cleanser it comes with.

Skin Brightening Daily Treatment

Quality: C
Price: $13 on sale
Claims: B
Appearance: B
Overall: C

Way too thick for me but when I used it it did even out my skin tone. It was only noticeable to me however. I would put a thin layer all over my face at night because it was too thick for day time. I didn't know back in the day that wearing spf at night could actually end up causing more harm than good. I think it might have caused a little acne if I wore it during the day as well. It's just too thick for me.

Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Quality: A
Price: $8 on sale
Claims: B
Appearance: B
Overall: B

This has round smooth tiny beads to help with exfoliation. It actually did brighten my face a little but nothing extravagant. I had an even complexion after using it. I like my daily cleanser to have some exfoliation so this was pretty good. Doesn't bubble up too much but doesn't leave the face dry and crackly either. Still pricey for a drugstore brand but this is probably the only thing I'd buy again from Aveeno.

I graded with letters because I understand it better. Stars are just pretty to me. So yeah. About Aveeeeno. Soy this and soy that. Fuck the soy! Aveeno's stuff is pretty crappy for the price. It's soOOoOoo soothing that it doesn't even do anything -_- such a shame. Oh and I just learned that they test on animals...not that it would stop me from trying their products..but eh...don't lecture me please. Some people are very passionate about it and I say good for you! And let's keep it at that.

Le Aveeno Eyes
ya...haha. I got a ton of compliments today though!
I think it's cuz I never actually look anything like this at school.
I used a 40 color pallet from ebay.
A light green, a bright green, a tan
clinique-daybreak e/s
mac-blacktrack f/l
maybelline-colossal mascara.
No curler.
I always apply one coat of mascara.
It's works pretty nice actually.
I usually hate maybelline mascaras.

-le midget