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Friday, November 28

Le Mystery -Popped!

I had a tutorial and some fotds but you see...this raccoon came in and stole them as I was helping with dinner.

Where is the raccoon from?

edit* It's from Friends. When Joey lies he brings a raccoon into the picture. C'mon!

I had no pix to share.
Didn't take camera home but I did my eyes today.

Le Ingredients:
tbk trading: Tangerine pop!, Strawberry pop!, Lemon Drop pop! e/s
clinique-daybreak e/s
mac-blacktrack f/l
cg-exact eyelights mascara
(I didn't curl my lashes either...I like this shit yo!)

without flash

-le midget

Thursday, November 27

Le Gobbles

I'm getting a hang of this cookin thing.

Once a guy told me I get a gold star for some sandwich I made then he goes "you'd be a great housewife!" Ever since then I've grown to hate him more and more. Why can't I just be a good cook *sometimes* ? sonofabitch.

This thanksgiving is fairly quiet at my house. It's only our family. WOW. It's been quite a couple years since it was just us four. Last thanksgiving we had like 150 people in our house. A family friend brought in a singer (terrible singer might I add) and had a huge potluck. He didn't have it at his own place because he felt like it wasn't big enough or something. Ok sure. Then before that year it was a few years with extended family and beyond that it was all community potlucks. Our community is very fond of this potluck thing. There's one this year too but we told them we had other plans. You see, they wouldn't settle with the idea that maybe we just want to spend thanksgiving with our family alone because then they'd say shit like "Oh they have such an attitude. This community is not good enough. They are too 'American' now. Yeah. That's how obnoxious they are. However, let me just say that boy am I glad it's just us four. Ammu, Abbu, my lil bro and I.

And that is what I'm thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Then Happy Black Friday Bitchez!

-le midget

Monday, November 24

Le Flamin Shots



My stomach is gargling. Stupid exams! Pretty much right after thanksgiving too. Ugh ='( *sniff* ...or maybe I'm just hungry. I can't tell. I've only had a naked juice so far. Greeeen Machiiiiine. yum. Grassy.

The library has been pretty busy the last couple weeks. I wonder why...projects? papers? The world coming to an end? Yes that must be it.

I finished Twilight yesterday. Good overall story but the book is bland. Nothing made me want to keep reading the book like the Harry Potter series or Angels and Demons. I guess I'm more of a mystery gal. In Twilight things just happened..nothing oooo and aaa or omg! ImustknowwhatwillhappennextorIwillDIE!!!!!!!! Yeah. I donno if I'll actually continue with the rest. This woman seems kind of unnecessarily wordy. She just wanted to write a fat book.

I had a fun filled weekend. Bday for 5 friends. YaH. But the first 4 had a shindig thingy together. I was on a roll that night maaaan. I was unbeatable at beer pong. I won every single game I played (played against all guys too) I took a break after like 4 wins in a row cuz I wanted others to have a chance to play. I don't really play beer pong either... maybe everyone else just sucked haha.

I just like the picture.

Mauvement pigment.
A favorite and I don't have many. yah.

I wanted to go dark but not black.
Deep Burgundy Brown. Thank you Garnier.

kickin asssss

Then the next day was Le Frenchy's birfday. Fun shit. She's actually a teacher at my college. Isn't that scary? Ever gone clubbing with a teacher before? No?? lol. She just turned 22. So relaaax. First people started ditching on this one girl with a phoneybaloney excuse "I'm sick. Should I come?" what the hell. No one can answer that for you. But in the end it was holycrapfun. Le Roomy saw the "sick" girl the next day. She looked just dandy *duh*. She didn't come cuz someone else was coming that she had an argument with. Maybe she shouldn't poke around soo much. Haha. Girl drama. Out of my years in college -at an all woman college too- I've never ever had any drama. Till this year. Well the girl knows NOT to mess with me but I don't like her character. She doesn't treat the people around me right. She too..proud and kinda arrogant and makes comments about people's weights and stuff in front of em. Actually to me too haha but I let it pass. Not cool man. I just find this all entertaining actually. It's quite funny to me haha. I can't wait to see her face and make her feel awkward. Lol. Cuz everyone around me doesn't like her that much anymore. But eh. She's just a freshman anyway. A 25 year old freshman that is! There's no fuckn way she's 18. She told me she was actually 20 once. No. No way. She's GOT to be between 23-25. I'm going to make an old lady joke on her one day. Just wait and seee IwillIwillIwilllll then I'll get a kick out of it tehehe. Can you tell I'm trying to avoid anything to do with the finals coming up? Can you? Can you smell my desparation? Can you?! You know what that means? A tutorial!! Not yet though. Tomorrow my child. Tomorrow.

Mauvement again. Mmmm.
But with gold instead of a silver on the inner corners.

-le midget

Friday, November 21

Le Twilight

I saw twilight last night err this morning at 12. Yeah to cut the chase -It was shit. Sorry Twilight fans but this movie was just straight up shit but before I begin why it was so I have to say that I haven't finished reading the book yet. I'm exactly halfway done. The books..aiiight. It's a decent read. I even like it and am falling in love with Edward..*blush..tehe!* OK. The movie casting was bad. Charlie behaved like anything but Charlie, Kristen Stewart was too ugly and serious to be Bella, and Robert Pattinson or whoever..tried to be Edward. The Edward I fell in love with is nothing like this douche.

I don't blame the actors. I blame the horrible director. What was she thinkinnnnnng?! Bella could use a lil more makeup. Haha. Well I mean they could have played up her eyes just a little more and fed her jussst a tad bit more. Her skin was gorgeous. Eric, Jessica, Mike, Tyler I imagined to be completely different. And white. Yea yea I know. Shut up. Mike I imagined to be a lot taller and hunky and a bit more muscular since he's so good at athletics. In the movie he was this..wimpy looking fart. Eric I imagined to have glasses and dark hair with freckles/pimples haha. Jessica to have curly hair pearls and polo type gal who doesn't know how to shut the fuck up and Angela to be this calm girl kinda like Bella but doesn't fall down much.

Edward. Ohh edward. You were so pretty in the book. The movie fucked you up man. When Edward was supposed to look outraged...Robert just pried his eyes open a lot. He didn't have a smoldering look to him. Not smoldering enough for me. He just looked like someone squirted hot sauce in his eyes. I also have a feeling his eyes were freshlook contacts in honey. Haha. With all the graphics in the world they could have used a lil to play up his magical topaz eyes.

It was not really the characters they picked for the movie that I hated much. It was the LAMEASSLIIIINES! man. Like seriously? Just take lines from the damn book. It's written out for you! How eeeasy is that? The lines were so cheezy. Normally I love cheese but this was beyond the expired date. Why did Edward sound like a robot? Where was Bella's sarcasm? OH and the music was terrible. None of the music went with the movie's aura. It was so out of place. Like they were trying too hard to be cool or something. Whatever the hell it was. It didn't work. At all. K I'm gonna breathe now. I'm sorry yall but that movie was shit. If they just followed the book and didn't change so many things around it would've been a great movie to watch. It was like watching a joke.

-le midget


Twilight cuntinuation. I know what I said.

photoshooooooop. They don't look anything like this in the movie.

So a friend was trying to tell me that "Oh you didn't read all the books. Maybe the characters read all of them so they were trying to act that way. You don't know...I think you're the first person to say the movie was bad.." etc etc and that it was a low budget film and that the author was there guiding them through the whole process.

I was thinking about what she said that maybe they read all the books and that's why they acted the way they did in the movie. Well you don't know that and one shouldn't have to read all the books to get the story of the first part. You have to build the characters. And if someone decides never to read the books, a movie is a movie. They shouldn't have to watch all the movies in order to actually get the first. That just doesn't make sense. The director was horrible. The acting and the lines were off. I don't care whether it's a "low budget" film or not. That's no excuse to have bad lines and reactions. The movie was shit. Even if the author was there "guiding" them. Well perhaps she should stick to writing. How about that? They tried too hard to be witty and "hip". The story had the potential to be one of the most beautiful vampire love stories of our time but sadly the director made it anything but that.

-le midget

Monday, November 17

Le Fried Poo

I did a boring sunday night look. Nothing to do just got bored. I straightened my hair too. I was thinking about buying a new hair straightener because mine was dying and left my hair with a burnt smell =/ ewoo. Well I fixed all of that shit! Earlier this year I straightened a friend's superduperpooper long curlywurly hair. I noticed that if I sprayed a light mist of hairspray it would straigten really fast so that's how I did it. Well that damaged and fucked up my straightener cuz it left a nice burned brown nastay shit layer of hairspray that I just couldn't get off. I told her to clean it since I straightened her hair but...she forgot and it's okay cuz I love her so much. So..later I would just straighten when I wanted to..and didn't bother cleaning it. I don't even do it that often. Say once a month. And it just stopped working..left hair frizzy and burned up and smelled like fried poo.

Then one day I scraped off all that shit from the plate with a scissor. I tested it last night. And it works great again. O thank god I don't have to spend money on a new one now. Yay! Mines cheapasfuck too. It was like $30 at target. Remington wet to straight. Yeah..I don't really care about getting a chi or ghd or whatever NOT because of the money but because mine works just fine. It leaves it shiny too. Not as shiny as it used to but mleh. I can use my fructise shine spray. Which btw does not taste very good.

I sprayed it while talking on the phone and ate some. It was gross.

I'm also thinking of going darker. Garnier's Deep Burgundy Brown has been waiting for me for 6 months now. It's sitting in the cabinet. Yes I totally stock up on hair dye like a madwoman when it goes on sale. yeehaww.

Here's my sunday neooootral look.

Le Ingredients:
I'm not telling you.
jk. wetnwild paradise cove pallet (center bottom two)
clinique-daybreak e/s
mac-blacktrack f/l
loreal-voluminous mascara -how do you shorten mascara??

loreal colorjuice-mangotango l/s

These are freshlook violet contacts.
They're pretty bright but always makes me look tired
and bring out my redness or sallow skintones

I will probably never wear this headband again.
I need to stop buying things on a whim.

Damn you forever 21 and your cheapassprices!

le grr

I wuv you but it's time for a change *obama!*

-le midget

Saturday, November 15

Le Greensmoke

I went out last night. I don't remember the rest. Playin..I remember clearly falling in a big puddle of water :( eww...and I donno how many drinks spilled on me that night. People should NOT dance while drinking something -cuz you fuckers splash everyone around you! My new leggings smell like longislandbeerpuddleofmudbomb. I have a lot of leggings. I love them. I keep stocking up on black ones. They're so warm and comfortable ^_^ I want gold ones next. So tacky.

I forgot to take pics of my makeup right after I did it..but luckily I took some about 2 hours later. My eyebrows look so messy...llike a demon child. I loved the look, it looked so nice in person and it was soo easy and fast (5 mins) to do! I was in a rush to leave. I never use this color yet I freakn love it. That's why I bought it ..riiight? Greensmoke from mac is a dark green with golden shimmer in it. Luster finish. I use my finger to apply it cuz lusters just suck with brushes. No color pay off unless you use a finger. At least for me. Doesn't show up as a dark green but def a smokey dark olive with sparkles. I looove this color. The pics suck but whatev. Everyone knows pics don't do justice! I think this looks good on tanned skin so I loaded up on bronzer.

Le Ingredients:
mac-sharkskin s/s
mac-greensmoke e/s
clinique-daybreak e/s
mac-blacktrack f/l
cg-lash blast mascara

victorias secret bronzer..forgot name. I'm at home right now..
pf-vegas strips bronzer

loreal colorjuice-mango tango l/s

I freakn love this color. It's my perfect mylipsbutbetter color on the dark side. I noticed that darker colors make my lips look fuller and more plush as opposed to lighter nude colors.

Dancing in the rain after I fell in the puddle
While everyone else waits patiently in the car

-le midget

Thursday, November 13

Le Moss Grass

I just finished uploading a tutorial. Woot! Yeah I've been slacking off but now that exams are getting closer and projects are due it's time to play with makeup to relieve stress. Chyah. That's how I do.

Le Ingredients

ud-underground e/s
tbk trading-moss grass e/s
mac-emerald green pgmt
clinique-daybreak e/s
lancome-the new black e/s
cg-lashblast mascara
mac-blacktrack f/l

mac-plum foolery blush
physicians formula-vegas strips bronzer

loreal color juice mango tango l/s ....LOVE

-le midget

Tuesday, November 4

Le Vote

Telling my viewers to go vote

Yeah it's late


I was in the zone

-le midget