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Wednesday, October 29

Le Tag

Le ere are the Rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog

3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website

I was tagged by Chryseeeee

1. I don't wear deodorant everyday. Eww stinky poo! It's not what you think, my pits just don't sweat that much. I only wear it if I'm going to the gym or out or if I remember to.

2. I like to sleep in a blanket even if it's the hottest day.

3. I didn't know how to ride a bike til 3rd grade. I taught myself to ride it since I realized my parents just didn't have the time by pushing myself off a big steep hill so I can get enough speed to pedal. MMmm bloody kneeees.

4. I'm not scared of heights -until I get up high. On a ledge or anything I have to lay flat or low. I'm scared of it because I think I'll get too spontaneous and jump and try to flap wings I don't have. I supposed I can use my arm fat.

5. I'm very shy and quiet in class. I'm nutty outside of class.

6. I have a nail biting problem *chompchompchomp* which I'm currently trying to fix for the 100th time. I've grown them out before but always ended up biting them really short again :(

And anyone else who wants to share a lil about who they are :)

It was kinda hard to tag people, most people got tagged already and I haven't ever done this tag business before. Sorry if you were tagged by someone else already!

I am soo cramped with schoolwork I hate it :( I'll hopefully do a halloween blook today and actually have it up BY today after lab. I'm hoping me writing this down will force me to do it *hehe*

-le midget

Tuesday, October 21

Le Mo Money

I need mo money. I have an exam tomorrow and some stuff to cook tonight for tomorrow's dinner thing that my international club is hosting. I should have studied last know what I did? I went to the fucking MALL. I got reeeally cute shoes..shorts, tanks, shirts, jewelery etc and all these things all on sale. Man. There goes all me monies.

I wanna bangbangbangbang and take yo money.

Anyone see this?


-le midget

Monday, October 20

Le Exuberant Smart Aleck

You know what I hate? I hate smart alecks.

Sadly I work with one. She's younger than the rest of the people I work for and man she's got an attitude. I try to be nice to her but she's so snappy. The way she says things are just so attitude-y. She's like that with the older staff too. Wtf man. I dread the one hour or two I have to sit with her throughout the week. In fact, she's about 3 feet to the left of me. I rather go to class than sit next to this obnoxious fat prude. Garr. I don't even care if she somehow ends up seeing this. I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me either. She once told on me to the woman who takes care of the work schedule that I left very early one day and wrote down the wrong time. I left 5 mins early that day! And the scheduler knows I leave 5 mins early because I have class right after work (yep! my class is THAT close). Like, are you serious? I'm glaring at her as I type this...I just want to smack her upside the head and watch her hair shake vigorously. haha.

I got a package last week with things from Exuberance. I was sad about not winning pink's contest at first since I lost even after doing TWO looks and losing to that photoshopped pic of my opponent's. She did do her eyes well though -kudos to that- but her fingers were as orange as her face man. Either you photoshopped it to look dark and orange or you put orange makeup on your hands too. You pick. If I had photoshopped my pic, yo- there would beee no competition! But don't worry my bitterness lasted for all about 10 mins because the poll showed that the people voted for me (thank you lovies!) and I was and am still playing with Anne's gifts (which I loooove and must rave about over and over again) AND my ahemahem called and told me I got a huge package from Exuberance! Either way I was happy ^_^ !

So what is Exuberance? Exuberance a top notch organic skincare line devoted to the empowerment of woman. It has a beautiful message to make woman feel good about themselves inside and out. Before I rave about these products without even trying them out for long, lemme tell you, they're great so far and the packaging is ahmazing! It looks so luxurious and divine. I'll post pics later. So far I like the products..I'll give a thorough analysis later as well. Also I thought I would be recieving sample sizes but noNOno I got full sized bottles of 5 things. When I added the prices up it totalled for over $200. Yah. How nice is that? Thank you Sarah Heath! She just randomly contacted me on facebook. It wasn't anything to do with youtube or my blog. What luck :)

Back to reality. It's only monday *sigh* This is going to be a looong week. Exam, UN Day Dinner, cookin butter chicken, lots and lots of things to turn in x_x ..I'll probably end up doing a halloween tutorial to procrastinate haha.

-le midget

Thursday, October 16

Le Smokey

Le Roomy's "friend's" 21st birthday is today. So we planned to go out..then he decided he wanted to be a poop and stay home and sleep because he was le "tired" ..RIGHT. Uh hu. Sure sure. What a party pooper..but we still went out ^_^ haha. I did a real smokey eye. Black black black. Well no, it ended up being gray. I've never applied black shadow all over my eyes..really =O . I loved the way it came out though! Speicially with my contacts. So hot like daaamn I had to stop checkn myself out when I saw the pics.

Later in the night..a friend got le super trashed. While dancing she like punched my eye or something haha..well not too funny at the time but yeah..she took a contact lense out! I looked scary lol..the difference was too dramatic as you can see (0_X) ! I didn't leave the restroom after that. Not in vain. It's because whatever she had hit her HARD and fast right then. I helped her for hours man. Even sat my ass down on that nastay bathroom floor. Finally took her home and tucked her in haha. No one wanted to help me til the end -_- oh well. I did what I had to.

Here's a mini toot :)

le ingredients:

lancome-the new black e/s
tbk-moss grass e/s
tbk-green quartz e/s
wetnwild-paradise cove pallet (the lightest matte)
mac-blacktrack f/l
prestige-black l/e/l (liquid eye liner)
cg-last blast

loreal infallible- sunset l/g

I first used lancome's tnb right up to the crease. Not past it.
I wanted the darkest part closest to my lashline

Then moss grass on the crease

Blended out & green quartz on the inner corners

Lined eyes + mascara = sex

This pic makes me laugh. I was talking and chewing gum.

my bitchez

end of the night o_x

you like? haha

I donno what is up with my hurrr!
Maybe wind.

My ahemahem knows Le Midget loooves her bubble tea so he offered to get me some. I couldn't decide a flavor so he was like "don't worry I'll surprise you. I'll get you something reeeeally good :) " ..well. He got me Mocha cuz I love me some coffay but he got it with strawberry jellies o_o ..
lol..mmm! o_o .. I told him it was like pouring strawberry juice in coffee!! But I drank it anyway..I just tried to avoid the jellies till the very end.

Even the colors look wrong together.
He tried. haha.

-le midget

Wednesday, October 15

Le woot!

I got Anne's package last night :D !!! I didn't realize it arrived until past 12 am haha. Not big on checking mail. Well it's not my mailbox anyway. I have an issue sending stuff straight to my dorm because once they messed it up. It was le bitchlady at the mailing room's fault. Stupid bitch. Never again *rawr!!* k anyway..on to happier and prettier things ^_^ ! Lemme just say thank you soo much! And wow you packed everything so well. Everything in minty fresh condition and man... you sent a lot of stuff. Like. WOW!

Le Box of Happiness

Before unwrapping. Le Roomy thinks I'm crazy.

Le happiness
It's hard to doodle on a laptop grrr

Comparing my old brushes to the new ones.
The see thru ones are from a lil free set I got from seventeen magazine when I ordered it. Yah. It's from like 6th grade and I still use it. Bahaha.
The purples a paint brush.
White is sonia kashuk..a real brush :O
Look at my ghetto brushes I use for my brows..haha. I know that's actually a liner brush. w/e.

I already used the liner brush. It's really easy to use!
I actually love the posh's so soft ^_^

I can't wait to do some fotds with these! I already have some on har har. The orange color is so bright. I love it. Ok they're all bright but that's the first one I put on.

Le Roomy and I decorated our door for halloween. It's totally the best fuckn door in the hallway. I just have to find my Beware sign. Damnit. Where is it?! I will find you *glare* ..I still don't know what I want to be for halloween. I wanted to be eve I think..but def don't have the tummy for it. Maybe I can just cover it up with leaves lol.

What are yall planning on being? Tell Le Midget.

I love halloween.
I should go begging for candy.
Good times.

from ze inside

-le midget

Monday, October 13

Le Fall Break

Finally a fall break worth remembering. That's cuz I don't even remember what I did the past couple years haha. I actually DID something this time around. I went camping. It's like a usual thing for me to go camping now and I love it. I've always gone camping on the beach but this time I headed out for the real woods. No bears. BUT there was a llamaaa and it was herding a group of goats! As boring as that sounds when they started walking toward me I was like wooow *_* that looks amaaazing. Llamas are waaay taller than I thought too. It was towering over me! From the distance when it was standing up to eat leaves it looked like a freakn dinosaur lol. Le Roomy said it was small for a llama too. Dang. She also said there were sightings of a bobcat there 2 years me that means it's still there somewhere! And it had all this time to have BABIES x_x ! Yeah..o and the night before we had ourselves a good time. Hehe. This place OMG shots of ONE dollar. WHAT? I've never heard of anything so cheap. If a friend were to turn 21 I would happily buy them 21 shots. Or maybe not cuz it would kill them x_x..but yeah.

Lalala! I'm in a great mood. I actually worked out last night. Like whoa! Watch out yous Imma turn into a skinny bitch! Kidding haha. I just went swimming but I more like floated around and played and splashed water everywhere. I jogged underwater. If you can't swim just jog there. It's a lot harder than on land and waaay more fun. My stomach doesn't start hurting after 1 min too. No one uses our school's pool man. It was just me and Le Roomy! It was fun :)

Just to let you and brown don't match. Bwaak.

end of the night lol

Gizmo!!! *not mine*

Out rowing..the other side was soo nice. It had a cliff.
I didn't take my camera on board. I should have!

Soda. Peace offering for the llama.

-le midget

Friday, October 10

Le Pink Contest

Oh noo I am tied with fafi. Of all the people *boo* BUT I made it to top TWO ^_^ !!! But I need all the help I can get. Please gimme a vote for pink's kawaii contest :) shoot me a vote here pweeeze! I made a post earlier about my ganguro look so check that one out as well to see my entries :D

Besides that. I went camping yesterday for fall break. Real woods. No toilet paper (I took some though..ain't risking that) and I saw a llama named Amall (that's llama spelled backwards haha) who guards a herd of goats. Real good time. I'll add some pics later..too tired now x_x

-le midget

Tuesday, October 7

Le Sasa

I ordered some stuff from sasa recently and I got them last week. I mainly got brightening/whitening products. I doubt they'll work. Whitening products. Say waa? Yeah I'm that vain. I got it for my neck and the area below my nose. For some reason that area is darker than the rest of my face. I hate it. It looks so bad in pictures to me. I have to put an extra layer or concealer on it so it matches the rest. I don't mind putting concealer under my eyes but not all around my lips! My chest is lighter and so if the upper part of my face. That place in the middle throws everything else off. Rawr. I don't like it. Specially when I do my makeup perfectly, my makeup matches my skin tone exactly and then on the chin area it looks ashy and different than my neck. I will blend the edges out well but I refuse to put makeup on my neck as well. Eww gross. I can't stand the feeling. I'm oily. ALL over. So I don't need another layer of shit on my face. So yeah..that's why I got them. I got cleanser/moisturizer/toner. All three because if you really want something to work don't you need all three o_o ? Maybe. Ah well. These aren't the quiality brands like lancome and dior either..I didn't want to waste more money than I already had haha. Winters coming anyway so I'll get paler overall. I hope it works even if it's a teeeeny bit because that's all I need ^_^

O and I got some random tees and shoes that day too. The shoes look funky but I like weird things and ..they were only $3 fuckn dollahs!! Yeah! The tees were 5 or just a lil more. I cut the sleeves off the big tees and wear it with tighter tees underneath. I also thew in the lipglosses that I've gotten since summer. I think there's some more but I forgot about it.

Oh two funky lashes..I wasn't sure if they would be good since I've never gotten anything from them. And a whitening deoderant XD
No one likes dark underarms. Eww!!!

The forgotten clear mascara from sasa in the middle haha

I was wearing this one.

If you don't know who to pick.
Pick Obama.
Please don't let Palin win.
That bitch has got to go!
Watch the debate. There's one tonight. You'll know why.

-le midget

Monday, October 6

I von I von!

I like to talk in accents at times. And I like to mix them all up. Like Bree's pot roast.
(..desperate housewives anyone?)

I'm referring to anne's contest. Yes! I finally won a contest! I jumped up and down on my ahemahem's bed when I saw I won. So happy :D ..I got sick of losing. Fuck you judy! fuck yeoou. Umm. That's someone on youtube..I always lose her contests..I entered both times *sniff* and lost *sniff*. Yes, I'm a sore loser sometimes. Pshh you would be too shiaat. Haha I'm just really happy right now ^_^ And omigoodness the prizes..Anne is one generous betch! (you're a doll, you're a doll, pardon my evil language). They're awesome! I saw the shadows in a pallet right and I didn't even pay attention to the rest because they looked so wonderful and bright. She toiled for me. I lub you ;_; . Anyways, turns out it's like getting FIVE prizes I swear to god. I've been wanting to try the strawberry peel and a BB cream just to see. I was in fact about to order it last week but I didn't in the end. ( I gots me some stuff from sasa though) What luck ^_^ woohoo! And she gave away all these brushes. I think I saw a blending brush. I don't have a blending brush. Yeah. Can you believe that? I gots me no blending brush. Wtf mate? But now it's okay..I can blend like everyone else haha. Here's a pic I jacked off her site of the prizes. I can't wait to recieve them! Check out her site by ze way, it's quite useful :) click me betch!

Doesn't that look sweet? Look at the colors *_* and Brushes *_* and pigments *_* and BB cream set *_* and Laneige Strawberry Peel *_*..are you jealous yet? Good.

Also, besides thanking Anne, Thank Yooou to everyone that was wootn for me :D
I lub you beeches.

-le midget

Saturday, October 4

Le Le Le

Leona Lewis (inspired) Look. I finally did it and surprisingly it took very little time for me. Ooo yes. Maybe I'm kinda getting the hang of making tutorials so it doesn't end up taking hours and hours. So yeah. It's just a dark blue smokey look. I think she was wearing blue contacts during this part of the video because she has green eyes man..not blue. In the stills they looked blue. Mkay. Anywhoo.

Le Leona Lewis Blue Shmokey
lelelelele. ok.

mac-sea me s/s
leishi-a midtoned blue metallic e/s
urban decay-adore e/s
lancome-the new black e/s
mabelline-saphire ice e/s pallet
wetnwild-paradise cove e/s pallet (one of the matte nude highlight colors)
nyc-brunette brows kit
mac-blacktrack f/l
covergirl-translucent powder
mac-honeylove l/s
milani-nude l/g

-le midget

Friday, October 3

Le Ganguro

I got in a fight today w/ ahem ahem because I was showing him some examples of what ganguros and himegyarus look like. I entered pink's challenge about japanese makeup and I did two looks for it. I didn't have my computer so I didn't have anything to show him so I just showed examples of what mine kinda look like. Then I was like OOO Old Navy is having that 1492 sale where a bunch of shit is for only $14.92! I was wondering if they'll put their skinny jeans on sale for that so I went to their site to check that out (they ARE on sale btw! ) and then..he got all pissy. He tried to make the computer go to sleep. I just needed a minute. I know he was joking because I was messing with his monitor when he was playing games earlier..(I actually took the whole monitor away o_o haha) but I really was just about to be done. He starts to huff and puff and said what he's exactly NOT supposed to say. He goes "you're selfish!". Oh no he di-in't! Normally words just bounce off me *boing!* but I couldn't take that. I had some silent tears from that :( How you gonna call me selfish just because I didn't want to cuddle with you? How? Bitch! Whatever. I tried to cool down..I did..I just stopped talking. Then I was like, I think I want to go back [to my dorm] and he was like "noo don't go I don't want you to go :( ..but if you don't want to stay I won't make you stay against your will..I was just playing with the computer you were doing it too..did I say something wrong?" Something wrong?! Something wrong?! I go "yes. you did. *fucker* you said I was selfish" and I forgot what happened next but I was like "ok I'll be selfish, take me back I don't want to be here right now"then he replies "when are you NOT?" well well son of a bitch. Ugh. We actually had a fight. I don't call that a lil argument because I haven't called him and he hasn't called me back since. This is the first time, ever. Normally we're okay within 30 mins or so. So's 3:48 am, I'm pissed off >=l I can't sleep, and I have to wake up for class in like 3 hours.

Anyway here's the pix.

Himegyaru "princess gal"
Big hair. Poofy dresses. Bows. Tiaras. Fair skin. Pink. Candy colors. Long lashes. Heels.

I don't really feel like listing the stuff I used for this but for the face I sprayed on fix+ then buffed in a white matte eyeshadow. Click for larger view.

Gyaru "face black"
Tan skin. White panda eyes. White mark down nose. Stickers all over face. Long heavily decorated nails. White lips. Long bleached/colorful big hair. Colorful clothing. Boots. Heels. Lots of necklaces and flowers.

For the "foundation" I used BE bare minerals bronzer in warmth.

Can you feel the rebelliousness from tradition?
I donno why people would try to look like this everyday.

This was a fun challenge though. Thanks Pink! I broke every rule of makeup.
Yes. There ARE rules.
When you want a certain look, you can't just do whatever the hell you want.

-le midget

Wednesday, October 1

Le Mubarak

Today is Eid..and I'm in class. Evolution. Had physics earlier. It was craptastic! I've never in my life attended class on Eid before. My family celebrates it..I do too but I kind of celebrate everything. I'm not a stickler for one. I'm all about celebrations haha because it's the fun part. I skip the rest ^_^ . I didn't want to really see everyone at prayer either. Lately I've been sort of in an iffy mood about our community. I don't like it. In fact, I hate it. I have great friends in it an all..but well. I donno I just don't care. I'll see them this weekend anyway and I'm taking my posse home for dinner. I'd probably be more excited if it was friday or the weekend. Eid just doesn't feel like eid in the fucking middle of the week. It started to thunderstorm last night around 3am. I knew it would be bad weather today. It's always bad weather for Eid no matter how great of a week it's in. It was sooo nice out yesterday and the days before. This morning it is chilly, damp, and very foggy. Kind of looked like I was still in a dream while walking to class. Actually nevermind, my dreams aren't foggy haha.

I finally got the fish for my dad yesterday. I was going to get a lionfish (fish of his dreeeams)..then later decided on a clown fish, the lil nemo fish because it was a lil cheaper. Stupid lionfish would cost nearly $100! Then if it died...I got worried my money would go straight down the drain. It's not like we have any pets of any sort or have time so I'm sure the first one will die quickly :( So I thought about getting the lil nemo dude, I thought it would look cute swimming around by itself in a lil bowl too. Then after more research I learned that that stupid fish calls for a damn tank that's over $100...x_x jesus. It's just one tiny lil fish. It doesn't even get big! It has all these specific requirements and shit too. Damn it. So..I just got a cool looking cheap fish. The Beta! I didn't know it was so freakn cheap. You can only have a beta by itself because it fights and kills other fish around it. A fish with a lil spunk, now that's more like it. I got a black/blue one. I liked its flared out fins and tail. It looked spiky compared to the ones around it. Perty. Then I was wondering what it looks like when they I youtubed it haha. And surely enough I found some videos. There was one where the aquarium it was in had a mirror in it so it kept trying to pick fights with itself. Haha. Beta fish are fairly easy to take care of too. It doesn't need special care..just feed it a teeeeny amount of food like 2 times a day or less and clean the distilled water every two weeks. You can just leave em in a lil bowl aquarium. The bowl I got actually looks like a giant wine glass with a short handle. I thought it to be spiffy. Hmm..then I got some rocks to go with it. I told my mom I was getting a fish for my dad..she's against it because she thinks she's going to end up cleaning it. probably true. Haha.

I got Le Roomy two goldfishes too. They're white with lil red splotches on their heads. We named them Claire & Charlie..from Lost hahaha. They're meant to be together! She had some orange little fish before but it died shortly after labor day *sniff* and she was having a very...very bad I though it'd be cute. ^_^ !