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Tuesday, September 30

Le Creeemasheen

I love this line of lippies from mac. I want some more of the colors..must control myself rawr! I got two: ravishing & speed dial. Ravishing is supposedly the color on the promo pic. It's a very peachy orange toned color and speed dial is a true pink in my terms. They are loverly man. Smooth and vibrant. The right lip liner and gloss makes em perfect too. I felt like an old lady because the lipstick by itself felt like it would bleed haha or smudge all around the edge of my lips. I didn't wanna spend too much on a lip liner..I don't really use them ever so I hit rite aid..or was it kmart? Can't remember. Either way they have the same shit. Kmart just sounds so..umm..poor haha. So anyway I picked two up from rimmel and they're really good! Easterned snob goes almost too perfectly with speed dial and pure turned out a lil too dark for ravishing but still workable. A more nude color would be better. I saw one from loreal today but didn't get it. I should was buy one get one free but I got some glosses from them and I looove them. I need to do a compiled haul thing. I went lip crazy these couple past months. Maybe not as crazy as others but crazy for moi.

swatches n pix

Speed Dial sure is!

I also did a review on the wetnwild pallet Paradise Cove. I think I've talked enough about it. I am tired of it now. Haha. Here'z le pix!

le main colors

le highlighting colors

-le midget

Tuesday, September 23

Le Midget's useless advice

Never buy booby traps without trying them on. Even if it's from a brand you're used to buying from.

And keep the damn receipt just in case mkay?


I did this only (-_-) 3 times in the last two months.


-le midget
in shame

Monday, September 22

Le Vote for Moi

Hello! If anyone reads this...*silence*...if anyone reads this and likes the looks I do. Could ya help a sista out? Vote for me for yummiebitez' contest here! I submitted my cult of cherry one for her contest but if you absolutely love someone else's fall look go ahead and give them a vote. May the best fall look win. This can be you practicing for the real elections. Har har.

-le midget

Friday, September 19

Le Cult of Mine

I recreated a Cult of Cherry look using anything BUT products from mac's COC collection. OOwEE it makes me happy because I got this look using a cheap shadow too! Covergirl has impressed me with their new single eye enhancer shadows. They have some nice bright and bold colors. I got the bright green called Lime Alive and mixed it with some mac pigments I already had and taadaa!!! Le cult of cherry iz born.

Le Ingredients for my Cult of Cherry
cg - lime alive
mac - smoke signals pigment
mac - silver fog pigment
mac - heritage rouge pigment
mac - chartreuse p/t
clinique-daybreak e/s
cg - perfect blend black e/l
prestige - black liquid e/l
nyc falsies - glamour lashes

cg - translucent powder

bonne bell - cocoa berry
nyc - plum

Le lips were more of a dark plum color. Here it looks too red compared to reality.

Apart of mu. I had some of cofee mate's coffee creamer in Italian Sweet Creme. Omg it's so goooooood. Le yum! ..yumyumyum.

-le midget

Monday, September 15

Le Bronzey Plum Eyez

To go with my romaaantic hair I did romaantic eyes. Ok I have no fuckn idea what "romantic" eyes would look like haha. I made it up. Ooo magic! Ok no, I did a plum look with some metallic bronzey color. It looks dirty and metallic and smoked out with a plum shade. No black. I could add some black to make it pop more but I didn't want to hmph! I used the wetnwild pallet. Yo this pallet is off the sheezy. It's pretty pigmented and soft and with one swipe loads of color gets on. And best of all it shows up even without a damn base! I didn't want to empty my pockets for mac's cult of cherry collection even though I liked it (a lot). That collection made a hunter out of me! I am the mac-dupe hunter *RAWR!* well I just wanted to get similar colors for cheeepo prices. And oh yeah. I totally found some. It makes me giddy inside. Ok..back to le plumzy eyes.

Le Bronzey Plum Eyez
wetnwild-paradise cove pallet (go buy it bitches!)

(the maroony plum/dark brown/bronze/light gold)

cg perfect blend e/l

nyc glamour lashes

revlon golden affair berry darling blush
mac studio fix powder foundation
mac honeylove l/s
milani-pale nude color (damn label wore off)

O shit. I just realized everything I used was drugstore but it turned out so pretty! I don't like calling things "drugstore" brand like defames the products and makes it sound like the makeup is made of cheap drugs or something to me haha. And people say it's cheap but it ain't cheap to me! Shiiaat yo. It's just cheaper than what you find at the mall but that doesn't mean it's always cheap. Not to me at least...I rather spend money on food tehehe.
Products found in drugstores are GREAT too.

H'okay soh. Back to plum.

These are my new contacts! Platinumz behbeh.

-le midget

Le Romantic

I did a toot of my all time favorite glam hair doOo. I used white orchids that are pink and yellow in the middle. I used these for Le Bride's wedding this summer! I used 4 then..but I could only find 3 for now *b00! I've always gotten compliments on it and people always ask me how I did it considering I can't see the back of my head!! Well there's really nothing to it ^_^ The main and longest part is curling the hair. The rest takes like 5 mins. If you need help placing the flowers just ask the friend. You want it to be a lil messy though, not so aligned. Lose and time.

You like-a tha makeup? I make le toot for you.

daaamn shaawty the back of yo head is ridiculous!

This is le original von

-le midget

Wednesday, September 10

Le Maple Trees

This week has been chock full of bs work. I already have an exam next week *RAWR!* I originally had two but one has been delayed. Thank goodness. Busybusy week. Last night me and Le Mcat went to the lab to work on something. It wasn't class time =O waah? Yeah we went on our own. Like wtf? I wanted to get what I needed to do done in like an hour because I had plans to go to out for sushi. Yeah I stayed for 2.5 hours. It took one whole hour just to figure out what to do @_@ ! In the lab there were some DNA pellet things that we made in class earlier a week ago. My friend..Le Mcat goes "O we don't need this *throwsinbiohazardwastebin*. I was like..are you sure? She goes "yeah -_-" Smartypants. Well TODAY our lab required what she threw away! Smartypants. Very Funny. No really. I was laughing soo much. Our other partner found out what happened and pretended that we lost it. Our professor was like "Oh no!! It has to be here!!" and was looking everywhere frantically for them while we were shaking to refrain from laughing outloud. It's his first year at our college so he's all happy and friendly. Haha poor guy. We thought we wouldn't have to redo everything since our lil dna thingys somehow got"lost" ...but he goes "aww. you have to do it again :( *sniff* " Ugh...Darn it! I donno. It was just so freakn funny at the time. Her reaction was awesome when she realized she threw that shit away hahaha!

And before class Le Mcat and I were talking about some pranks we could do before graduating. Everyone is so dainty here. Well I thought of something. We have all these geese all around campus right. And they like to poop a lot. Like a lot a lot. So much that you can't tell if you're stepping on grass or fresh green poop. My idea was to lead them into SMB and let em loose in the classrooms and restrooms. I go to an all women's college. So yeah. It would be funny as hell. To me at least ^_^ haha.

Hmm..Le Roomy died her hair for the first time every last week. I got to devirginize her hair ^_^ She wanted red and blue streaks and tips. Well we have one red streak and lots of blonde tips now instead lol. So today we tried to redo it. Started with the blue dye. When I was washing up the things I used for the blue left a radioactive green color on the items hahaha. Omg. But her hair turned a brown color and no blue showed up AGAIN. Eh. At least it wasn't radioactive green! haha.

Raaa. I finally have a research topic and it SUCKS. One of the main reasons it sucks is because I can't do any experiments -_-* it's literature based research. Bo0o0o -_- It sounds so fuckn boring. God. This is the best thing Le Lindquist can find for me? Arg. Stupid Maple trees!

Yesterday I broke Le Indian's hookah :( fell from my hands and shattered into pieces. Le Indian was mad for a lil bit..then Le Indian dropped and broke Le DJ's coffee mug. Hahahaha.

I am so conscious of my body now. It bothers me and I want to go back to the size I was before. I'm so jiggly now. I hate it. It's not tooo visible to others *good!* but it's underneath it all *sniff* The more I try to eat healthy the more I eat healthy. Then after the healthy meal I eat another meal within an hour of greasy food and think to myself "well I ate healthy so I deserve some reeeeal food ^_^!" ..yeah that's okay once in a while. I don't think you're supposed to eat it on the same day haha. Mleh. This issue makes me feel emo *sniff..*silence*..* I look at everyone and compare myself to them. Most with the freshies because that's where the biggest difference is haha. I can tell what class a girl is by looking at her face and thighs. This is proof I'm decaying. Garrr!! I need to get my ass to the gym. I need to get healthy and fit. I walk upstairs and start to huff and puff.

-le midget

Sunday, September 7

Le Golden Greeeen

Mkay. Got around to making a toot using mainly urban decay shadows. Loooove the pallet. Great range of bright pigmented colors for a good price. Not that nearly 40 bux is cheap or anything but hellofalot cheaper than what you'd pay per shadow and it has 9!

Le Ingredients for Golden Green Eyes
urban decay deluxe shadow pallet: honey, graffiti, zero
clinique: daybreak

loreal: colorjuice-bubblegum

mac-studio fix powder foundation
loreal-charmed peach blush

Without contacts! This is what it looks like on dark brown eyes :)

Le face pix ;)

h'okay that's it for now. chao!

-le midget