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Saturday, August 30

Le Goth

This is my attempt for a dark goth/punky look..goths don't exactly have smooth straight hair but ah well. I recently dyed a strip of hair fuchsia and the eye makeup sort of matched it ^_^

Le Ingredients:
base: mac-blacktrack f/l
mac-passionate e/s
maybelline quad-saphire ice (lightest shade) e/s
lancome-the new black e/s
prestige-black liquid e/l
unknown falsies
covergirl-lashblast mascara
Brows: nyc brunette + mac blacktrack f/l

wetnwild-shimmer black e/l
loreal-a red l/s (I don't think they make this anymore :( ..)
But any true red shall do!

studio finish concealer
studio fix powder foundation

so here's le pics

I donno..I've never done a look like this but I thought it turned out kinda hot. It matches my hair. Bahaha.

-le midget

Sunday, August 24

Le MidgetMakeup

I made the introduction to my new yt channel today. This makes me so excited. I have no tutorials yet haha. At least I did something! Weeoohooo.


-le midget

Thursday, August 21

Le Little Mermaid Goes to Class

Classes started yesterday. I'm a senior this year. Like whoa. When did this happen? Wtf mate? It hit me recently and now I don't feel like a senior because I'll be here an extra semester. Woohoo. Honestly I rather keep going to school instead of home haha. I love the college scene. It would be better if I took less classes though. I think I've taken only one semester where I had less than 16 credits. It was so chillax. I like my teachers. One of my teachers drew yoda on the board. It was excellent. She's funny, too bad she's only teaching for like 3 weeks then the real teacher comes into the picture. He's a terrible teacher but a really nice person. I want to throw him into a black hole. Die!! Morejao!! I love the way my Italian teacher talks. I wanted to say Itsa mee Maaario! when she asked what my name was haha. My molecular bio teacher seems kinda cool. Finally we'll be learning skills that I can put on my empty resume that's covered in dust. He's never taught at meredith...that means he will be nice. Usually new professors try to be very nice their first year because they get a special evaluation at the end where we decide whether we want him to teach at our school or not. Muhahaha! I'm going to try to do research with him too because of that reason. Dude, I care about the easy grade mkay. Not saying molecular biology is easy or anything. There's no way it can be, it sounds scary enough.

I decorated my room! Well. Fixed the place up and it's actually cleeean. I even put up curtains and got a lil crafty with gemstones on the wall. Let's see..what else. I got drawers to organize my makeup like the gurus on youtube and my stomach hurts.

"Beauty" wise I was trying to dye my hair a chocolate brown. Nothing seemed to make my black hair brown :( Trust me I tried everything besides bleaching it. So in the end I had to bleach my hair. There was just no other way for it to lighten up period. I even tried color oops. It worked but when I put on a light brown, not even chocolate brown color, my hair dyed black again :( wtf man? O well. So yeah I bleached it and dyed it chocolate brown. Results? ...

I didn't mean to turn into Ariel. She's my fav an all but =/
This ain't dark brown!
Is h'okay though. I fixed it.

I must say my complexion looked bright and even as a ginger though.

-le midget

Le Golapi

Golapi means pink in a funny language. These are some pics of an old pink and blue look I did a month ago. I liked it. It was using the UD pallet I got it from Le Indian friend ^_^ I love this pallet! It's awesome. The colors are so bright and it has enough neutral shades too. All UD things are 30% off right now...I would stock up but I'm broke as fuck. I want to buy a brush from philosophy. The one that gives an airbrush effect. I could use that, my skin isn't the loveliest soft buttery skin people want haha.

Le Golapi
ud: Fishnet & Peace

mmm sexy.

-le midget

Thursday, August 14

Le Tres Everyday Eotds

I am just poppin out posts today. It's called procrastination. So here are some eotd's that were fairly simple but pretty in my terms. Light and great for everyday.

Le Orange MU Ingredients:
max factor-170 queen bee (the yellow *sucks* and orange)
mac-blacktrack f/l

I look burnt :(
I have wonderful orange contacts to go with my orangylicious look.
I hate hazel contacts. Why do they look like cheese?!
I'm all out of clear.

to the left! to the left!

to the right! to the right!


Le Purple Peekaboo MU Ingredients:
mac-blacktrack f/l
loreal-le khol pencil

when lashblast works it really works!


Le Scratch (pink) Ingredients:
loreal-wear infinite brown suede e/l
mac-blacktrack f/l

I have one more to post but I don't feel like doing it right now because it's doesn't fit into this category.

-le midget

Le Afro

I've been meaning to post pictures of my 70's afrofucknmania look. The hair took two very long hours. I loooved it though. The makeup didn't take long at all considering how bright and heavy it is. I'd make a great clown.

Le 70's Makeup Ingredients:

nyc brunette brow pallet
mac-stillife paint
prestige-midnight e/l
mac-sea me shadestick
mac-golden lemon pigment
green random mineral makeup
kaboodles mystery e/s
sephora strass n. 10 e/s
loose light blue metallic glitter
prestige black liquid liner
loreal black le khol pencil

mac-please me l/s
wet n wild-a bronze colored lipgloss

victoria's secret matte bronzer
physicians formula vegas strips bronzer

mac-studio fix powder foundation
mac-studio finish concealer

This reminded more of romans for some reason. I wish I wasn't making the stupid pouty face.

Mmm delish.

-le midget

Le Library

I’ve been so busy doing nothing lately. I stink at time management. Since classes ended I had about 2 weeks of real vacation. I wanted to be extremely lazy and not run on a schedule. One of the people I work for said I can come in anytime between 9-5 and I’m totally using that to my advantage. I go to work whenever haha usually arrive between 11-1. How sweet is that?! I get to sleep in, make some moolah, shop or whatever and then go home. I am likin this. Too bad this is the last week I’ll get to do that because once school starts it’ll be a tight schedule. Booo. School starts on Wednesday. Boo. But I’m ready to move out man. Gonna start packing today yeeayaaa. I have to leave my room in parent proof conditions. I don’t want them finding more dirt on me. Hmm…I need a job on the weekends. This library job makes me feel boring and I often catch myself day dreaming about Christian Bale. He’ll come to the library to check out a book and ask me out for dinner because he finds librarians very mysterious and sexy. Hahahah.

Oh and I got some nice stuff lately. Some new clothes for back to school, purses, shoes, leather jackets for winter, along with a lil Mercedes Benz.

Ballin! I didn’t get it all by myself but nonetheless it’s still my first car. I signed the papers damnit.

-le midget