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Tuesday, July 29

Behold! Le Camera

I got my new cameraaaa!! Canon Powershot sd1000. It's a very nice camera. Le Indian and I looked it up thoroughly before buying it. It was actually rated a lot higher than one of those nice colorful ones. I wanted a colorful one from nikon or fuji that was 10 megapixels. Apparently it's not all about megapixels. Silly me. It's all about the lens. Canon has better protection for the lens and all that good stuff. The body is built to perfection and the sd1000 is their slimmest model yet. I got the silver one. I played around with it Friday night and it is fantastic. I love it. My old camera was big and didn't look "cool" haha. I also had to always carry around extra AA rechargeable batteries with me. I dreaded it because my camera would run out of battery so quickly. No AA's needed here! I am lovin this!

Le Camera <3 style="text-align: center;">
Canon Powershot SD1000
7.1 megapixels
4.0x digital zoom
3.0x optical zoom
ISO 1600
2.5" lcd
face detection

Coincidentally my friend just got a new camera too and what do you know..
It's the same kind but in black! We've known each other too long.
Looks nifty. Maybe I should've gotten black.

Went to a grad party that night and tested it out. I didn't have an sd card with enough space for the camera so I made the quality much lower that way I could take more pictures.

My mu for the party. Gold. ah.


I should've made the quality a little better so I could take bigger pictures. I didn't realize they would turn out so tiny.

-le midget

Thursday, July 24

Le Bloddy Hell

My camera didn’t arrive yet! I’m so sad. I was really looking forward to it. They said it would be here by Tuesday. Radiobullshit. When we called them the guy wouldn't even check to see if a fed ex came in because "he only works for three hours" and actually said "I've never opened a fed ex before. " Man just check if it's here, don't open it fool! No manager was there either. Their customer service is...questionable.

My nose battled an Indian in a fist fight and won yesterday. Badass. Le Korean and Le Indian were playing with a mini basketball hoop and the ball kept hitting me. So..I took it and threatened to put it down my pants. Le Indian came to fight for the ball and somehow hit my nose and my piercing came out!! Bloody hell! I felt it come out all the way while hearing classical music in my head. Eyes watered up. I was like are you happy now!! Le scared to death Indian pinched my nose before too right after I got it pierced. It better not get infected. The funny thing was..I kept laughing hysterically at the situation. It didn’t hurt at all actually but it looked awful (would’ve taken a pic. blame radioshack) I shoved it back in and showed off the blood squirting out my nose. Thank goodness no vampires were around. Poor Indian…was terrified and kept apologizing. Even offered me ice cream! Hell ya I took the offer. I wanted to exchanged ice cream for a glitter eyeliner though but keer drugs didn’t have any. What a lousy store, had one glittery lipgloss from wet n wild. Paathetic. It’s okay. I got a cleanser and a moisturizer that I didn’t need at all.

Back to my nose. It looks le horrible. Big ripped up red bump and I can feel it when I wriggle my nose L And to think it probably would have completely healed by the end of this week. That just reminds me how bad I’ll look with a busted nose piercing at the grad party I’m going to this Saturday. Just my luck. I am Miss Fortune.

One of my aunts came to visit us. She was scared to sleep alone so she slept in my bed. It felt awkward working on a paper in front of her. I couldn’t concentrate but somehow it got done 3 hours later. I was up till almost 4 last night. I had to get up a bit after 6 to shower and head out for class though. I’m looking forward to the day I won’t have to write papers anymore ^_^ It won’t be anytime soon. Oh and my aunt snores and likes to roll up on me. Funny now that I think of it. Hmm…I need a nap.

Monday, July 21

Le Dark Knight

I saw The Dark Knight at an Imax theater this Saturday. My Imax is with the Exploris Museum in downtown. I thought I would have time to go through the museum but I didn’t. We were late (it wasn’t my fault this time!) so I had to sit in the front row. Sucky! BUT the movie was still awesome. I want to watch it again. Mainly because I had to sit in the front row…but I also just want to watch it again so I can hear every single line. I was paying too much attention to the way the characters looked, from Batman’s hot bodeh (^_^) to Maggie’s droopy eyes. I wish they put a warning on the ticket about how her eyes look extra droopy up close, especially from the front row. This movie made $158,300,000 this weekend. Daaamn! Katie Holmes. You stupid stupid girl for giving up your role as Rachel Dawes. In my opinion, Maggie played it much better. She didn’t appear to be an arrogant whiny lil bitch like Katie was playing Rachel. Maggie made Rachel a woman of substance and class. Maggie, even if you have droopy eyes, you’re a damn good actress. This is easily summer 2008's biggest action movie for me.

Um HellO *laughing uncontrollably*

Look at Maggie that badass as opposed to that liquid bitch!

Why so serious?

Now some awesome pics of Batman posters...

Don't worry skinny guys! There IS hope for you!

-le midget

Tuesday, July 15

Ooo Baby!

Angelina Jolie gave birth to her baby boy and girl Saturday July 12th in Nice, France. Nice huh? Hah. She has a total of 6 kids already. Like damn! Brad helped out the doc by cutting their umbilical cord. Eww, but kudos if you can take that. Welcome to this terrifying world Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline! Their names sound so..normal. I find that weird. I got used to names like Apple, Pirate, and Audio Science. Yeah some doosh actually named her kid Audio science because she wanted to study it before. Selfish much? Pictures of the twins haven't been out yet but rumor has it that someone already bought them for $11 million. Wow! The proceeds will go to charity of course. They're too sweet.

-le midget

Monday, July 14

Le Hookar

Went to a hookah bar this weekend and it was grrreat. If you know me you know I love my hookah. I went to a new one called International World Market. Their name sucks haha. It’s my second time there..I think. The old hookah hot spot was Marrakesh Café. I think I’m liking this new one better though…

Why International World Market is waay better than Marrakesh Café.

1) They charge a great price of only $6 for regular and $8 for premium.

2) They let people share their hookah.

3) If you don’t want to smoke, they don’t charge you a $6 cover fee like Marrakesh. Marrakesh is up to about $12 I believe. Ridiculous! Two people end up spending at least $20 at that place. And you never get to find out how either. Fucking hidden fees. What the hell, it’s not a cell phone bill.

4) They refill your coal often and as many times as you like.

5) They don’t play music so loud you have to shout to at the person next to you.

6) The hookahs are a lot smoother. Not harsh and “coughy”

7) The owner is soo nice. Marrakesh folks were getting a lil arrogant for me. They are straight up rude and obnoxious.

8) It’s small and cozy. There are sections for groups of people or parties.

Woohoo! I'm finally out!

It’s a nice cute lil hangout place to relax in. The other place was sort of hectic because it would become too packed at times. There is one reason why I’d go back to Marrakesh once in a while though, they have belly dancers! I like my ethnic hoes mkay. But other than that Marrakesh is shit. EDIT: I just learned International World Market has belly dancers on thursday night now. So..fuck Marrakesh. Buahaha.

I need my own hookah yo. I asked a friend to get me one from Afghanistan. I’m going to ask my friend to bring another one now for my parents at home. They like it as a décor. It is pretty to look at so I can see why but I’m totally using mine. My brother’s friend just came back from Iran and gave him a lil hookah. It’s maroon, cute, and little. I want! I can’t wait for mine to come now!

So after that Angelica, my favorite taco, finally showed up! This missy was supposed to be with us at 6! She was two hours late. I know I'm always late too but not by two hours. She does this almost every time. I love you but this has got to stop. The whole reason we even got together in the first place was for you! But I forgive you because your brother wants to be employed by being umemployed. Haha. So while catching up we lost control and had a threesome.

After not seeing her for so long we wore her out.

Until next time.

-le midget

Thursday, July 10

Hello Tropical Goddess. Rawr!

Since summer began, it has been pouring cats and dogs. Where is the good weather and sunshine? It’s either scattered thunderstorms or way too hot and humid outside. The weather this summer SUCKS. I couldn’t even see the road while driving home last night! I also felt like I was about to get a seizure because there were so many lighting bolts sizzling in the sky. The weather was making me feel too gloomy so I started looking at all these lovely outfits. I have not gone shopping in a long time. I’m trying to save up so I have money to waste later. Yeah waste. Sometimes I just like to waste money mkay? It’s not like I really need any more clothes or purses or shoes. I just like to have them ^_^ From what I saw, this summer is mainly all about f-l-o-r-a-l-s. Bright, fun, SHEER, and printed. These are a couple looks I picked out (which I love!) for inspiration the next time I go shopping.

Jean Paul Gaultier
This is so Amy Winehouse. If she had a good stylist.

Dianev von Furstenburg
I am in love with this color this summer! It's like mac chrome yellow for le body.

Jasper Conran
I like the color combo. Kinda manly.

Basso and Brooke
Bold pattern oo la la. I think this would go with skinny jeans or leggings when it gets cooler.

Basso and Brooke
A very expensive tablecloth with spilled paint.

Alegra Hicks
Because I like Star Wars..and milkmaids.

Dianev von Furstenburg
My favorite. Hello tropical goddess. Rawr!

Yeah..I don't really like wearing flowery clothes. I like them in my hair. I loved the last yellow dress though. So pretty. I may just end up shopping a little sooner...I got my paycheck today keke! ^_^

-le midget

Wednesday, July 9

Tequila Time

Seems like all the new shows on tv now are all reality based and I love watching the trashy ones. Haha. Otherwise it’s not worth my time. My past favs have been Flavor of Love, I love New York, Charm School, and Rock of Love. The levels of DRAMA in these shows don’t compare to shows like The Bachelorette or some shit like that. They’re hilarious and disgusting. After those my new reality show had been Shot of Love with Tila Tequiiiilaaa. Not so much of a fan of the second season though. Still Team Danny! Dan-ny! Dan-ny! Rahhh Rahhh!

Danny <3 style="text-align: center;">

One shot too many was the name of the reunion. Fuck the show, the reunion is so much better sometimes. Bo..the loser of the two finalists. Sucks to be you man. He was some highschool coach. When he went back to work they basically fired him because this show isn’t kiddy friendly. Totally understandable but after Tila didn’t pick Bo..he basically ruined his career for a stupid hoe on a reality show. Yes I can say hoe. People who swing around poles are hoes okay? That’s how hoes came to be. Poor Bo. He was a nice guy. What the hell was he doing with Tila?

Tila: you're not it. loser.

Bo: *sniff*

I don’t have anything against Tila. I like her hair and sometimes even her makeup. I even tried to convince myself she was kinda cute in a creepy alien bobble head sort of way but yea, at the reunion it showed what a total bitch Tila is. She’s ridiculous. Okay, you got your heart broken. We get it but you’re not the only one ok? The girl that she picked ended up not taking the last key. Kristy seemed like a sweet girl on the show (doesn’t have anything to do with reality) and I believe she did the right thing. Kristy said she didn’t think she was good enough for Tila and didn’t want her to be hurt and disappoint her. She loved her but after getting to know her more she felt that Tila just wasn’t the right one for her. Tila was soo pissed off, haha. I don’t think she even got what Kristy was trying to say and instead started calling her a fake bitch, which is just..stupid. Tila refused to listen to her and when Kristy told her why she didn’t take the key Tila kept saying she’s giving excuses and that she just wanted to be on tv. Kristy was talking to her in a normal tone and Tila was going bizerk and goes you’re being so “angry and hostile” and later walked off stage. Haha wow. She’s not a very good listener is she? Kristy did say something that went against her though. What goes around comes around. I think Tila got what she know why? Because she didn’t pick Danny!! Dan-ny! Dan-ny! Team Danny!! If she just picked Danny in the beginning instead of some loser frat boy she would’ve been soo happy but noOoo let’s not pick Danny! Let’s pick the frat boy! Then in the end Tila had no time for Bobby and he stated that he tried but no one gave him her number and that you can’t have a relationship by yourself. Poor guy. Maybe Bobby should hook up with Bo haha. Or Kristy! Ok I’ll calm down. It’s a fuckn reality show. Do people actually think they’ll find “true love” on a show? If they do boy are they dumb! Back to Kristy and Tila. Yeah sure Tila wants love but so does Kristy. It’s a two way thing hunny, not one.

Tila: Here's the Key to my heart. Are you interested? *hehe*

Kristy: *sniff* no..I told you I wasn't ready yesterday!

Tila: whaaaa?? ...whaaa??

Oh no she dii-iin't

-le midget

Tuesday, July 8

Le Beginning

I've had this account for a while now but I just never got this blog business going. I don't read blogs nor am I a blogger, yet. That's what brings me here. I like to document. I like to document almost everything that goes on around me in some way or form. I do keep a journal but it's missing quite a few days in it now..I take pictures of every event I go to but le camera broke way back in February...I scrapbook but then school started. Scrapbooking takes a really long time! Uhh don't remind me. I still haven't finished my scrapbook from high school and now I'm rolling into senior year in college!! Oh yeah. I procrastinate. I need to get over this procrastination thing. It holds me back from too many opportunities. Way too many. I think doing everything online is much faster and easier. So moving on..this blog is not to impress people really. This is my blogumentary and I want to blogument my likings and doings because I like looking back at the things I said or did and reflect upon it. Why? Because I'm one of those people who just can't let go of their past.

-le midget